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Chiaki Kuriyama – Oishii Kisetsu/Ketteiteki Sanpunkan March 2, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Oishii Kisetsu
  2. Ketteiteki Sanpunkan
  3. CAT’S EYE

1. Oishii Kisetsu

I really don’t know why, but Chiaki opening the song with harpischord sounds so pleasant for some reason.  While it’s the slowest A-side she’s done since “Ryuusei no Namida”, I kind of like the feeling of this song since it sounds so relaxed and not forced like the cuteness of “Kanousei Girl” and whatever it was for “Cold Finger Girl”.  I think it’s pretty good of a song actually and makes me curious for the album even more.

2. Ketteiteki Sanpunkan

Though on the flip side of the coin I’m not real thrilled with Ketteiteki Sanpunkan being on “CIRCUS” nor liking the fact it was an A-side.  I thought it was good with the plucked strings opening, but there’s something that just isn’t kosher within this song.  I mean Chiaki’s vocals have filters on it and she’s trying to be sexy…she could’ve pulled it off without it TBH.  Let’s not forget though that the song was produced by Shiina Ringo and it shows with this track…*shakes head* not good…”Oishii Kisetsu” was way better!


The last time I reviewed a cover of ANRI’s epic track, MAX covered it and it was very dancey and quite awesome for sure.  Chiaki’s is definitely more rock-oriented but once again she’s under filters and the music overpowers her most of the time which is so disappointing, but she sounded quite nice…well the second verse is a mess…but it’s still an alright cover but MAX did it better.

Closing out the “CIRCUS” era, Oishii Kisetsu/Ketteiteki Sanpunkan was alright just like the previous two singles.  I loved Oishii Kisetsu for it’s stable sound and catchy chorus and arrangement.  However Shiina really took Ketteiteki Sanpunkan and CAT’S EYE and kind of slipped on it by giving Chiaki filters…Also, WTF at no “Ryuusei no Namida” on the album….that’s her best song ever!!!


5 Responses to “Chiaki Kuriyama – Oishii Kisetsu/Ketteiteki Sanpunkan”

  1. Sylfi Says:

    I thought Shiina did a great job on all three songs, and Chiaki did a great job singing them.

  2. abaraba Says:

    shiina only worked on the first two.
    oh i felt the same way about ketteiteki sanpunkan… i thought it was just too noisy.

    but then i ended up listening it to a couple times THEN I got the song and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it now.
    you should give mee more listens and if it grows on you. it is shiina ringo…

  3. abaraba Says:

    at this point I like both songs are a lot and I can’t even choose which one I like more. At first I wasn’t even sure if i like oishii kisetsu that much but upon further listening I grew to love it .

  4. abaraba Says:

    TYPO: you should give **more listens and if it grows on you. it is shiina ringo…

    sorry for spammy comments… I would’ve put into one comment just i hav etoo much impulse to click lol.

    i also wanted to say i don’t like the last song at all. I tried to listen to it a couple times and it’s just eh. But it’s still a good single since the first 2 songs are like 5/5 for me (I never thought I would grow to love these songs). Like I just watched the PV for both songs on youtube and I was like mmph/eh and then I dled the songs anyway b.c. it is shiina ringo… Then I got to listen to them many more times and then now I love ’em. I really highly recommend listening to the firs ttwo songs a bunch more times before you write them off as (especially tthe second one) as eh.

  5. Canti Says:

    Oishii sounded like the last track of a Tokyo Jihen album. I feel like it was a combination of her 1st ablum’s “Morphine” and Jihen’s sophomore album’s “Tegami”. I don’t hate it but It’s not anything I haven’t heard before. I even felt as though Chiaki sung Oishii exactly how Shiina would. Not sure if that’s good or bad, I’m impressed that she managed to do it so well either way. I don’t feel Chiaki has got a definitive sound yet.

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