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Kie Kitano – Kizuna March 2, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Kizuna
  2. Todokanai
  3. Wishing on a Star
  4. Kizuna -instrumental-
  5. Todokanai -instrumental-
  6. Wishing on a Star -instrumental-

1. Kizuna

I find it funny that our 3rd A-side from Kizuna really shoots the Komuro sound quite strongly here.  I still don’t like the piano/keyboard use here since it gives it a quite bland sound.  I will say Kie’s vocals sound good and full of life, but Komuro just did try with this song and it kind of worries me for the upcoming album if all the songs will be like this x.x;

2. Todokanai

I think Komuro tried to do a better job with Todokanai since ballads are a bit more of his strong point than upbeat stuff like “Kizuna”.  Kie’s vocals also seem to be more suited toward this style since she sounds really nice in the song and great with the piano/strings style that’s going on.  Though I was surprised that before we got to the halfway point, the mood of the songs changes from the slow strings to more of a dance-ish style which made me think of Ayu’s “Last angel” for some reason.  Iono why I have this sense of dejavu, but I think Kie sounds a lot stronger here as well…This should’ve been the A-side IMO.

3. Wishing on a Star

As we get into the second B-side, I thought the beginning was pretty weird with the filtered vocals, but I was even more terrified of the synths and overall cuteness of this track for some reason.  Komuro really messed up on the arrangement here and Kie’s vocals also takes a big drop with the song since it calls for cutesy and stuff. 

As we end the chapter of Kie’s debut era, Kizuna isn’t much better than her first two singles I think.  Komuro really needs to stop arranging for artists or change the way he arranges because it’s getting very tiring to hear his work.  Todokanai is the best thing off the single, but it has similarities which hurt it a bit.  Kizuna was alright, but “Sakura Saku” and “Hanataba” were slightly better as A-sides.  Though the biggest offender was definitely Wishing on a Star clearly because it just didn’t work and just sounded bad xD


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