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NIKIIE – HIDE&SEEK March 10, 2011

Filed under: NIKIIE — solarblade @ 1:58 am

Track Listing

  1. HIDE & SEEK
  3. TOXIN


After “Shunkashuutou”, I wasn’t sure what direction NIKIIE would go for her next A-side, but I’m pretty happy that the song is actually upbeat and is full of life.  While I don’t think NIKIIE’s vocals have approved much since her debut, she still gives the song enough personality to move on.  I think it’s a pretty good A-side and is much more memorable than her debut as well.


While I was thinking that this song was going to be more odd because of the title, LUV SICK is a little more of a happier song with piano, strings, and the percussion of the song.  I don’t think it really stands out to me, especially being after “HIDE&SEEK”.  Maybe it’ll grow on me, but for right now it kind of is static to me.


So as the 2nd B-side of the single, TOXIN takes a lot after “Gensou Form” with it’s more depressing atmosphere and lonesome outlook.  I must say NIKIIE sure can do these kind of songs since TOXIN is actually a pretty hardcore kind of ballad.  I was more impressed with her vocals and her piano playing.  Ok, hands down this is the best song the single has to offer.

NIKIIE’s 2nd single was able to bypass her first, but barely.  HIDE&SEEK was a nice change of pace from a ballad to something more robust and upbeat and that worked out.  LUV SICK was alright, but it felt more like a carbon copy placed next to the A-side and well TOXIN was just an epic ballad.  Maybe we can get something like that for an A-side next time???


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