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GENERATION 5: 101-124: THE GAME IS OUT!…yeah I’m late on that one huh? March 11, 2011

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So PKMN Black and White has finally been released how’s it going?  Did you like it, hate it, wish there were hot male models in it?!? Tell me about it and leave a message, but in the mean time let’s get into the next batch!

101: Joltik, 102: Galvantula

As our first on the list we get new combination of types!  Joltik and Galvantula are of the Bug/Electric type and I was waiting for something like this to appear.  Obviously by looks it seems to be parallels to Spinarak and Ariados…but there’s differences like Joltik is based more on ticks than anything near arachnids which makes the evolution a bit strange…(not like Remoraid to Octillery weird, but y’know what I mean).  I initially said I wanted to be in my final team, but it wasn’t xD

103: Ferroseed, 104: Ferrothorn

Another new type combination to the series, the Grass/Steel type Ferroseed and Ferrothorn appear.  I’m not sure why, but this was one of the first Pokemon that caught my eyes when they were leaked out.  Maybe it was the colors or just the fact they looked so strange to begin with.  What I know about them is that they have amazing defenses, but damn crappy speed.  Cool Pokemon, and it had earned a slot on my final team.

105: Klink, 106: Klang, 107: Klinklang

When JPN first showed off Klink, I thought it was adorable and kind of silly in a good way.  However, when Klang and Klinklang leaked my face turned into a frown because it doesn’t really “evolve” but more like adds more parts which is a little strange for me.  I like that it’s the only 3 stage PKMN that’s pure Steel, but it’s still not much for me.

108: Tynamo, 109: Eelektrik, 110: Eelektross

Uh-oh, here comes trouble!  Not only they’re pure Electric type, which is normally good, but it has the Levitation ability which makes them have no weaknesses period…think Sableye and you’ll get what I mean hahaha.  While Tynamo is more or less a cocoon for the evolutions and it also doesn’t even learn many moves hahaha and Eelektross can be obtained by using a Thunder Stone on Eelektrik.  The other two are quite awesome, but it’s still something and one of the best in the Generation.

111: Elgyem, 112: Beheeyem

HAHAHA, aliens in PKMN, and I mean actually aliens not like Clefairy and the other cosmic-looking PKMN.  I don’t exactly see the point of them in the game to be honest as they’re also pure Psychic types.  I don’t know how they’re like in the game since I never used them in the game, but I guess they’re cool and omg they’re ALIENS!!  Even cooler is the names that play off “LGM or Little Grey Men” and “BEM or Bug-eyed Monster”.

113: Litwick, 114: Lampent, 115: Chandelure

I’m so happy there’s at least a new Ghost line in the game, even more so Ghost/Fire ^)^.  I also love the fact that it has the best Special Attack of the entire dex, cept for obviously legendaries.  Even though I didn’t have a Chandelure on my final team, I sure would love to own one.  I think it’s one of the cooler designs though it takes a Dusk Stone to obtain one!

116: Axew, 117: Fraxure, 118: Haxorus

So I’m surprised that Iris’ main PKMN is found really late on the Pokedex.  Though I still wanna know how the hell it goes from Fraxure to Haxorus because they haven’t nothing in common in looks besides the tusks.  Add the fact the names are lulzy as hell…I mean Hax r’ us?  Really?  Funny enough though that they aren’t pseudo-legendaries and are of the pure Dragon type….you’d think they would be haha.

119: Cubchoo, 120: Beartic

So we get pure Ice types next and omg Cubchoo has to be one of THE CUTEST PKMN EVER!!!!  I mean I would spend time to catch one of these guys and hug it XD.  Well…maybe do something bout those boogies it has, but whatever.  Beartic though…aren’t we trying to be Ursaring pt. deux?  Even so…why does Beartic have a penis? XD jeeze….weirrrrd…

121: Cryogonal

There’s something really freaky about the other new Ice type, Cryogonal.  I mean beyond the good defenses it has, there’s not much else to really capture this emo snowflake.  It does leave itself open for a pre-evo if they decide to go along with one…but as a stand-alone…it doesn’t seem to work for me and it’s hard enough to find as well XD

122: Shelmet, 123: Accelgor

Wheee, so to answer the Karrablast to Excavalier shtick, you can’t evolve Karrablast without cross-trading with a Shelmet.  Now I can see the resemblances between them…but what the hell is Accelgor supposed to be?  It looks like a ninja…but in a cocoon or something.  Accelgor is pretty fast, but Ninjask is still way faster.  It’s pretty cool and for being an odd Pokemon that this and Karrablast weren’t exclusives for both games >.>

124: Stunfisk

As someone politely said, Stunfisk looks like a Diglett that got ran over by a pick-up.  As it’s the only PKMN with the type combination of Ground/Electric, Stunfisk is actually quite good for looking a bit off…I mean Dunsparce off…  There’s just not much for me to look for this guy.  Though, I still ended up catching the guy.



12 Responses to “GENERATION 5: 101-124: THE GAME IS OUT!…yeah I’m late on that one huh?”

  1. Naru Says:

    XD I’ve been obsessed with the game ever since I got my copy of Black. One word: AWESUM.
    I’ve been playing too much to the point I brought it to school,lol. N is offically a new bishie.
    Oh, and my pokemon kick ass. 8D

  2. keyinjpop Says:

    About Beartic, that’s not a penis. it’s winter bush. Man, I need to get back to playing these games, I’m to drawn to not to play them

  3. mermalicious Says:

    Shelmet IS in White, it just comes pretty late. (:

    • solarblade Says:

      I do know that, I did complete the last few days…I found it strange they didn’t make Shelmet and Karrablast exclusives…makes the need for the evos less….needed

  4. […] 101-124: THE GAME IS OUT!…Yeah I’m a little late on that one huh? […]

  5. Guil Says:

    Ferrothorn’s just sad. It makes me even sadder that people are actually using it.

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