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Momoiro Clover – Mirai Bowl/Chai Maxx March 11, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Mirai Bowl
  2. Chai Maxx
  3. Zenryoku Shoujo (CD only)
  4. Miral Bowl (off Vocal)
  5. Chai Maxx (off Vocal)
  6. Zenryoku Shoujo (off Vocal) (CD only)

1. Mirai Bowl

Hey, let’s ring a bell to begin the single.  Mirai Bowl, actually at first kind of made me frown because there’s not a lot of singing in the song at least at first since they were talking.  Another problem for me is that the transitioning from the verses to the choruses were just random and felt so weird to me.  That being said, the chorus is actually the best thing on the song since it’s danceish and has a full set of synths in use…even the middle instrumental with the rapping was more eventful than the rest.  What a weird ass song.

2. Chai Maxx

As the other A-side that appears on all three versions of the single, Chai Maxx sounds a whole lot more like an upgrade for me.  I mean the the song is still poppish, but I’m surprised of the guitar-ladened arrangement mixed with the synthyness of them before.  I think the group did a much better job here than “Mirai Bowl” since the music was together and the gals didn’t sound too bad…but there’s some repetitive parts that I would’ve lived without, but that’s nitpicking.

3. Zenryoku Shoujo

Found only on the CD only editions of the single, Zenryoku Shoujo might not be as energetic as “Chai Maxx”, but once again the girls’ vocals are sounding really nice with the synths here.  Though this time, I felt like the song went nowhere with the arrangement and just kind of became rather stagnant and rather boring….hmmm.

As this is Akari Hayami’s final single with the group and now making the group 5-nin, Mirai Bowl was kind of a meh single, after “Pinky Jones” (notice I left out “Momokuri” here).  I felt like Mirai Bowl and Zenryoku Shoujo were just icky tracks and left me in a funk for the most part with the former being transition hell and the latter just being plain boring.  I mean Chai Maxx was the best damn thing on the single…that should tell ya something.  Since Momoclo are now a 5-nin I wonder how much Akari’s departure will affect them.


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