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HIROKO – Saigo no Koi March 13, 2011

Filed under: HIROKO — solarblade @ 3:00 am

Track Listing

  1. Saigo no Koi
  2. Love Rincho
  3. Saigo no Koi (Instrumental)
  4. Love Rincho (Instrumental)

1. Saigo no Koi

Grand, when I saw that HIROKO decided to work with Jeff Miyahara for her next single, I just shook my head because it just something I didn’t wanna see happening.  Saigo no Koi though isn’t too bad despite how much the song sounds like other songs from him.  I’ll just say that while HIROKO did good in ballads when she was with miyake and all, but I felt this was a little weak of a song.  What happened?  “GIRLZ UP ~stand up for yourself~” to this???

2. Love Rincho

As for the B-side, Love Rincho is at least something that came out well.  It has a nice refreshing, synth/R&B kind of sound to it and the good thing is that HIROKO did a much better job in vocals as well.  While it still feels more or less an equal to her last B-side “Baby”, I feel that it won’t be that memorable…then again it doesn’t make the album’s cut so no worry.

Closing HIROKO’s “Open The Door” era, Saigo no Koi was just a drop after the exciting debut single.  While I can’t blame Miyahara for dozing Saigo no Koi up, it was mostly HIROKO’s odd vocals and BKGD mixes that bothered me a little bit.  Love Rincho was better, but still isn’t really up to snuff so to say.  I’m curious to what this album will sound like!


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