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Not yet – Shuumatsu Not yet March 19, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Shuumatsu Not yet
  2. Hirahira
  3. Sunao ni Naritai (Type-A only)
  4. Warau ga Ii (Type-B only)
  5. Nakinagara Hohoende (Not yet ver.) (Type-C only)
  6. Shuumatsu Not yet (off vocal ver.)
  7. Hirahira (off vocal ver.)
  8. Sunao ni Naritai (off vocal ver.)
  9. Warau ga Ii (off vocal ver.)
  10. Nakinagara Hohoende (off vocal ver.)

1. Shuumatsu Not yet

For a debut song, Shuumatsu Not yet doesn’t seem like it would really produce much hype since it’s idol-pop, but not overly cute.  It’s just a good mid-tempo kind of pop song and since there’s no solos in the song, it’s hard to tell between the four vocalists in my opinion.  I did feel they were a little boring and wasn’t showing a lot of emotion in the vocals, but whatever it’s alright for right now.

2. Hirahira

As the single’s B-side on all versions, Hirahira is actually slower than “Shuumatsu Not yet”.  Also what struck me odd in this song was that it felt like one of the gals were singing in the verses and the rest of them joined her in the choruses.  It just felt uneven for me and once again, the song wasn’t really all that exciting to listen to either.

3. Sunao ni Naritai

Damn, are they going to be a group that just does slower songs?  Type-A’s Sunao ni Naritai finally gives us actual solos that make sense and they sound so much better than the previous two songs.  However, the song’s light R&B sound makes a quick bore for me.  The fact that they came together quite nicely in the chorus kind of fixes the boredom, but still not my kind of song.

4. Warau ga Ii

FINALLY!, If there’s one edition of the single you must listen, it’s definitely Type-B.  Warau ga Ii is the only upbeat song on the single and that’s saying a lot since it’s filled with a pulsing beat and enough synths to make it nice.  It’s still suffers from the girls not pushing more emotion, but it’s catchy and the arrangement is cool. 

5. Nakinagara Hohoende (Not yet ver.)

Closing the single with Type-C’s exclusive, Nakinagara Hohoende was originally a song done by Team K.  Now Not yet hasn’t really impressed me much, but I find myself rolling my eyes since it’s another ballad song.  The gals sound alright, but I’m even more bored than what I was back in the previous songs.

For a debut single, I wasn’t impressed at all by Not yet’s slower more softer sound.  To me, the quartet seemed to lack emotions in their song and just kind of inched by in at least 3 of the 5 songs.  Their best song though was the only upbeat track, Warau ga Ii.  If anything take a listen to that.


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