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GENERATION 5: 125-143: The other normalities! March 21, 2011

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Meaning that on this post I’m going to finish the non-legendaries while the next post will deal with them.  Now let’s get to it!

125: Mienfoo, 126: Mienshao

To me, I think the Mienshao line kind of parallels more of the Medicham line because of how unusual they look and the mostly interesting take on Fighting types in which this line pure Fighting.  Though getting it to level 50 is a bit of a chore to get Mienshao.  I love the purple on Mienshao and it makes it look quite graceful…one of my other favorite PKMN of this generation.

127: Druddigon

For being the only Dragon-type to not be related to anything nor have an evolutionary line, Druddigon does really stand out on its own.  To me it’s also quite visually awkward looking for a Dragon…even though I think it’s more based on European ones.  I think the thing that weirds me out is is that its body is mainly blue but it’s face is red…it’s like designing collision course or something.  It’s pretty cool though and while it doesn’t topple other Dragons, it’s good enough for me.

128: Golett, 129: Golurk

Another unique dual typing this time being a Ground/Ghost PKMN (seriously, why didn’t Cofagrigus get this typing???)…the Golurk line must be quite something if Sugumori had nothing to do with the design this time around!!!  Anyways, I also love this line since it’s robots and Golurk actually learns Fly…even though there’s nothing to show that it can…unless it’s da boots!

130: Pawniard, 131: Bisharp

When the PKMN were first leaked, someone actually claimed there was a Power Ranger/Kamen Rider-like PKMN and that instantly shot my interest to high levels of awesomeness.  I’m also surprised that it took them this long to get a PKMN to finally have a dual typing of Dark/Steel (the types introduced in the 2nd Generation).  Pawniard looks cool, but Bisharp is by far the coolest one of the Generation looking all badass and not like Gallade where it has to have a sex change…xD  Also…don’t give it hugs!

132: Bouffalant

I also thought when I first saw our next Normal type that it was going to be a Tauros evolution (like when I mentioned Alomomola being the evo for Luvdisc).  Of course both statements are false and they are standalones.  Bouffalant doesn’t really stand out to me for some reason, but there’s no true point to capturing this since it’s late in the game when you get near Victory Road.

133: Rufflet, 134: Braviary

Back to version exclusives, White players get the Eagle PKMN, Rufflet and it’s evolution Braviary.  I found it funny that it was shown off in Japan as it was and it felt like there wasn’t going to be a counterpart seeing as it’s Normal/Flying and that doesn’t really feel like it’s made for that purpose but whatever.  I think Braviary is a great design, but evolving it from Rufflet at such a high level (54 to be exact) is a hassle IMO.

135: Vullaby, 136: Mandibuzz

I think players with version Black got the better Dark/Flying Mandibuzz line.  Being based on vultures was a smart way to make is parallel its White counterpart and that’s pretty cool.  However, the fact that it also evolves at Lvl. 54 is kind of meh and could make your level grinding that much harder and Honchkrow exists as well.  It’s still really your decision about which is better between Braviary and Mandibuzz…but there’s other PKMN you should check before getting one version or the other.

137: Heatmor

Heatmor has always stuck out to me as being weird being towards the end of the Generation before getting into the Legendaries and all.  The fact that it’s a pure Fire type is interesting and is made even moreso that it’s conencted to Durant kind of like how Zangoose and Seviper were.  Though it’s just funny how it turns out in the end XD.  Still a fiery anteater who would’ve known.

138: Durant

Yup there’s a rivalry between Durant and Heatmor and sadly, Durant loses on aspects on said rivalry because it’s typing Bug/Steel is 4x weakness to Fire-types in which Heatmor is made of.  Otherwise, Durant is a cool looking PKMN and I’m surprised that we never actually had an ant PKMN until this Generation.

139: Deino, 140: Zweilous. 141: Hydreigon

As the Generation’s pseudo-legendaries, the Hydreigon line is clearly showing promise.  I mean the unique typing of Dark/Dragon already sets it apart as well of it’s Hydra looks as well going from one head to two to three in its evolutionary line.  I know there’ll be a lot of people whoring this guy around and well…can’t blame em’ Hydreigon is that cool!

142: Larvesta, 143: Volcarona

Ending the non-legendaries, Larvesta and Volcarona are definitely a unique kind of PKMN also being the only ones with the Bug/Fire typing.  Odd enough is that someone in the game will give you an egg that’ll hatch into a Larvesta and later on in the post-game, you can catch a Volcarona in the Relic Castle as well…though I’m not sure why it’s a special case besides the high ass level (70).  Also it evolves at the highest level of all PKMN at 59…so it’s your decision to train Larvesta into it or just shove in a box and capture the higher leveled Volcarona.  At first I didn’t know what the hell it was because the sprites weren’t really helping.  Though it’s a moth and it’s kind of ugly…Larvesta’s sorta cute…but Volcarona is like wow…not pretty and yet awesome!



3 Responses to “GENERATION 5: 125-143: The other normalities!”

  1. xxpopopxx Says:

    thanks for these pokemon posts! not really liking these new gen ones…. 😦

  2. keyinjpop Says:

    Mienfoo = kung fu
    Meinshao = shaolin (or chow mein if you think about it)
    Pawniard & Bisharp do look like Kamen Rider
    Like how Vullaby/Mandibuzz are wearing bones for clothes
    Deino looks like the dinosaur from The Land Before Time.

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