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So I got’s 2 ideas and I wanna run it by yous guys! March 25, 2011

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Now let me talk about it

If I go with option A, I’ll do it by Generations like obviously the first together and then 2nd and 3rd together because it’s 3+1 and so on and so forth.  Also with 7th and 8th gen as well together!  I’ll talk about my personal feelings towards them and comment on their “biggest” songs (prolly singles-wise because album tracks are kind of null to me). 

Option B however is me dealing with the PV’s.  Yes, I will review all of their PVs, including album PVs like “Hey! Mirai and the such.  I will also include the PVs of Sakuragumi/Otomegumi and the 10 Kinentai groups since they have the Morning Musume title….No subgroups otherwise since there’s just too many!  From “Ai no Tane” all the way to “Maji de Suka Ska!”.  I’ll probably also review the song (and in cases, once again this time it’ll be better since I know who sings what in what song this time around!!! AKA, “Kanashimi Twilight” up to “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game”)

So comment on this, there’s a lot I have to learn about each artist and probably each song so c’mon leave a comment! ^_^


2 Responses to “So I got’s 2 ideas and I wanna run it by yous guys!”

  1. keyinjpop Says:

    Option A. I want to know about the girls from then and now.

  2. mell Says:

    i have to go with A as well…

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