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Morning Musume, teh members!: Generation 2 & 3, the first actual additions..and the ace! March 28, 2011

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It wasn’t even one single that more members were added right on the second album…talk about short sticks for some of the first generation to have hopes to have more lines right?  Then again, out of the 2nd Gen, we did get 3 interesting singers in their own right.  After a while with those members Tsunku was looking for an ace or in literal terms, teh awesomeness that could propel the group further in popularity and he did that superbly with Maki.  I also wanna point out that during this time both Kaori Mochida and Koda Kumi both tried out for the 3rd Gen, but Kuu got close but lost to Gocchin….could you imagine Kuu being in Momosu?!?

Sayaka Ichii

  • Tenure: Summer Night Town ———> Happy Summer Wedding (8 singles; 3 albums)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: Otome no Shinrigaku (album song from “Second Morning”)
  • Solo Carrer?: Kind of?  She joined and started CUBIC-CROSS for just a little while and released one solo single…but that was all in 2003-2004…so since then she hasn’t done much.
  • Sub-Groups: Petitmoni & Aoiro 7
  • Overall opinion: Just like I said about Nacchi, Sayaka left on a weird single (Happy Summer Wedding brought in the 4th Generation, so her departure came off on deaf ears it seems so they were busy with Rika, Yossie, Aibon, and Nono.

The first of the second generation to leave Momosu, Sayaka Ichii like Aya Ishigoro struggled to fully stand out in songs during her time as a member which is a little sad knowing that Sayaka had a pretty good voice on her as well.  Oddly enough, she stood out to me during her days as well basically because after Asuka left, she was the only girl to have short hair like she did and she always had a sleepy look to her, but to me she always will stand out to me in LOVE Machine even more than newly added member Gacchan ever did.  At least she stayed a little longer than Aya did after the popularity of said single, but only for two more singles.  If she only had stayed one more single (which was I WISH), she would’ve been pretty cool to see in the PV for sure!  But she didn’t and left to start being a songwriter/musician which came true after joining CUBIC-CROSS and marrying the guitarist XD.  I wonder what she’s up to today since she’s otherwise been quiet…so who knows…can we get her back in DMM?

Kei Yasuda

  • Tenure: Summer Night Town ———> AS FOR ONE DAY (18 singles; 5 albums)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: Never Forget ~rock ver.~ (B-side from “AS FOR ONE DAY”) ……does that count though since it’s just merely based off of Asuka’s solo?
  • Solo Career?: Oddly enough…of the members of this generation, she didn’t X.x
  • Sub-Groups: Petitmoni, Kiiro 5, 10nin Matsuri, Odoru♡11, Puripuri Pink, and Dream Morning Musume
  • Overall opinion: Kei’s weird, but she’s a lovable kind of weird as we start figuring out that weird Momosu members are always great to have!  I still love AS FOR ONE DAY!

Kei-chan has always been an oddball since she’s quite silly and she looks the part quite fondly.  She’s fun and the times she did get solo lines, her voice stood out since they were unique to her.  There’s many PVs where she was definitely standing out during her time, but I will see it was weird seeing in Morning Musume no Hyokkori Hyoutanjima and Good Morning, but I digress.  I’m a little saddened that she didn’t go solo or anything before or after Momosu, but she did do sub-groups.  She’s quite cool and happy she’s doing DMM after so long of no music from her.

Mari Yaguchi

  • Tenure: Summer Night Town ——–> Osaka Koi no Uta (25 singles; 6 albums + THE Manpower!!! & Osaka Koi no Uta on “Rainbow 7”)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: Koi no Dance Site (8th A-side), Megami ~Mousse na Yasashisa~ (album track from “No.5”) or Haru no Uta (album track from “Ai no Dai 6kan”)
  • Solo Career?: I wouldn’t say solo, but it’s darn close since both singles with her being the prominent singer has been collaborations.
  • Sub-Groups: ZYX, ROMANS, Tanpopo, Minimoni, Aoiro 7, 7nin Matsuri,  Sexy 8, 11WATER (and MM Sakuragumi and DMM)
  • Overall opinion: Marippe was definitely not well-known in Momosu, but in the sub-groups she participated in which is a little strange, but she’s funny and whenever she’s on Utaban, she’s a hoot XD…makes me wanna get that VIETNAM photobook XDDDDD

Ahhh Marippe, I have to say she has a lot of fun memories and was one of the best members of Momosu, I think in the history of the group.  In her time in Momosu, she stood out a little bit with solo lines quite often and her ever so famous SEXY BEAAAAAAAM! from Koi no Dance Site, however Mari became more famous when she started Minimoni with fellow shorties Aibon and Nono (with Mika Todd who’s from Coconuts Musume).  Though she’s even more well-known for her anguish and lulz factor whenever she’s on Utaban…anything Takaaki says is just epic and the whole VIETNAM photobook was so amazingly funny I just couldn’t help but lulz XD.  She also holds the title as the first Momosu member to be actually dropped from Momosu because of a scandal…so she left on Osaka Koi no Uta along with Rika who was graduating…Mari didn’t have one….PISS!  I still love Marippe either way and her coming back to DMM is amazing!

Maki Goto

  • Tenure: LOVE Machine ———–> Do it! Now (9 singles; 3 albums)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: LOVE Machine (7th A-side), I WISH (9th A-side), Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ (13th A-side), Do it! Now (15th A-side),
  • Solo Career?: Tchyup, and she switched labels to do so (like Sayaka).  However, Gocchin did have a solo career in H!P as well.
  • Sub-Groups: Gomattou, Nochira Natsumi, DEF.DIVA, Petitmoni, Akagumi 4, 7nin Matsuri, Sexy 8 (and MM Tanjou 10nen Kinentai)
  • Overall opinion: Ahhh, the ever-so-famous Gocchin has always been one of the group’s most popular members and it’s for sure because she was shoved down our throats during her days in Momosu and you can tell by the PVs that Tsunku was pushing her to be in top form.  Now I wouldn’t say she’s overrated…but she was pushed to the forefront more than Nacchi was x.x;

I think it was great that Gocchin began her Momosu years with the group’s best-selling single, LOVE Machine, but after that it seems like she was going more of the forefront simply because she was the so-called “ace” of the group (could you imagine if Kuu was actually in the group….yeah….).  Maki during her time though had many lead lines which at the time was a surprise considering that some of the other members (Kaori, Yuko, Kei, Mari, and Sayaka) were there first…it’s a bit like shoving her in Japan’s face and promoting her more than the group.  After Do it! Now, Maki did begin doing a lot of solo stuff and once in a while get mingled with a sub-group for a single or two and did her thing.  After her brother, Yuuki (former member of EE JUMP) got arrested for thievery, she ducked out of H!P and joined rhythm zone (part of avex).  I thought she was doing great, but I don’t know how she’ll deal after the suicide of her mom…it must be hard for her, but she’s shown she’ll survive….I do wish she’d come back and do DMM…but yeah different labels noooooow.





3 Responses to “Morning Musume, teh members!: Generation 2 & 3, the first actual additions..and the ace!”

  1. tikitok Says:

    I actually gasped when I read Kuu tried out. I can NOT imagine that girl in a group! She belongs on a solo stage.

  2. freakna Says:

    I have to agree on the title gen 2-3 ACE. 2 & 3 are the best. Wonder what they think about new generations. I love what you did here by the way.

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