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GENERATION 5: 144-155: Legendaries…Shmedenaries March 29, 2011

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Ahhhh, finally getting to our last of the PKMN posts (I know it’s sad xD).  If you missed out on the previous post here are the links to them!

Now let’s finish this up with the almighty legendaries…well…so-called!!!

144: Cobalion

So we start off with our first of the three seperate trios with Cobalion which is oddly enough the first legendary (that isn’t event-type Victini) that you can actually catch off in Mistralton Cave.  Cobalion doesn’t have a unique typing (sharing with Lucario) of Steel/Fighting but it’s color is nice and it looks cool for some reason.  I still don’t see how a quadriped is even able to be part Fighting since it’s just that odd, but whatever it’s a cool PKMN and it has it’s qualities to keep around.

145: Terrakion

Unlike Cobalion and Virizion, Terrakion possesses a unique dual-typing of being Rock/Fighting and is also the last of the Musketeer trio to be found in the game (on Victory Road like Moltres was once long ago XD).  It is the bulkiest of the three as well, but I think speed is where it kind of goes bleh in regards against the other two.  To me it’s nothing overly special seeing as it’s weak to both Water and Psychic types (which there’s a lot of the latter).

146: Virizion

As the final of the trio, Virizion is kind of the special one since the previous two focus more on the physical damage while Virizion’s Grass/Fighting type has it more special-based.  While the typing isn’t new (Breloom has it as well), Virizion is my favorite of the three just because it’s a Grass legendary (Shaymin…as cute as it is doesn’t work for me…though Sky Forme does x.x).  I do love that it’s a bit feminine in its look and it doesn’t take away from it’s design…cool PKMN!

147: Tornadus


We also have the Kami trio in this Generation starting with Tornadus who at the current time the only PKMN that’s a pure Flying type which excited tons of people and I can’t blame them it took them long enough to come up with them.  However, Tornadus and Thundurus are version exclusives and Tornadus comes from Black.  To me, it’s alright as a Legendary and it’s good…but it’s really nothing too special

Of course Black & White 2 happened and we get an update on the Kami trio because of how unoriginal the three looked together, we got new Therian forms.  Tornadus’ new look is definitely fitting as it’s more of a avian form.  Difference is is that it’s got better defenses and speed!

148: Thundurus


I do think Thundurus does have much more of a better job on it’s typing (only shares with Zapdos and Emolga) and despite being a White exclusive (sorry Black players), Thundurus is the better one to have.  The thing that gets to me though is that the Kami trio is really hard to enjoy because of their way similar designs and such…eh…they aren’t that pretty either x.x;

Black & White 2 brought a new forme for Thundurus as well giving it more of a unicorn/dragon-like look to it with better Special Attack, definitely was much better than it’s original Incarnate form (that’s what the original Pokémon are called).

149: Reshiram

Reshiram is Black’s mascot and I must say besides the crotch fuzz and unique typing of Dragon/Fire…it makes me wonder…why it took so long for a design like this to happen since most dragons by my knowledge do use Fire soooooo yeahhhh…This was the focal point of my reasoning of not getting Black since Reshiram isn’t all that interesting to me (then again some of the exclusives are also kind of meh to me).

150: Zekrom

On the flipside of the coin, Zekrom also has a unique typing of Dragon/Electric and to me that was more vibrant and exotic of a type mixture than Reshiram’s Dragon/Fire.  I still do think Zekrom looks like some uber powerful Mega-type Digimon, but it’s still one of the coolest designs of Gen 5 and it’s generator tail is quite epic IMO.  Let’s not forget that both Reshiram and Zekrom learn two signature moves so that is a nice little thing for them right?  Sweet deal IMO.

151: Landorus


As it’s the third of the Kami trio and the reasoning of Reshiram and Zekrom appearing before it is simply because it’s a post-game legendary so it makes sense it would.  Having a confusing dual type of Ground/Flying (Gligar’s family share’s it too) Landorus is kind of cool and bit more useful than the other two Kamis…but it’s design is still a little underwhelming, but it does come at a higher level…hmmmm who knows with this one.

Landorus’ Therian forme has a bit more focus on Attack and rightly so because Landorus became like a tiger basically.  Definitely kind of the coolest of the Therians IMHO.

152: Kyurem



As the final PKMN in the dex (giggle), Kyurem completes the Tao Trio (composed of itself, Reshiram, and Zekrom), but it looks destroyed right?  It seems that it needs the other two dragons to complete itself which by that sound…it means the third game could more than likely mean we’ll see a complete Kyurem.  Having an unique typing of Dragon/Ice, Kyurem is clearly weaker…which is odd since Giratina and Rayquaza were stronger than the version mascots…who knows.  It’s odd…

Of course they explained it further in B/W2 in which Reshiram or Zekrom can fuse together with Kyurem to become a more powerful entity.  Sadly, the type doesn’t change and continues to be Dragon/Ice.  I personally love Black Kyurem more than White because of the badassery XD.

153: Keldeo



Keldeo, who is the 4th member of the Musketeer trio…or I guess it’s a quartet now???  Just like Cobalion and Virizion, it does share it’s typing of Water/Fighting with Poliwrath.  Otherwise I don’t see too much with it and it kind of passes over my head…but it’s like who decided My Little Pony should be added to the game? x.x;

B/W2 introduced a new form for Keldeo called the Resolute Form, but it’s just mostly a graphical upgrade since it doesn’t seem to really do more of anything because it turns into it through Sacred Sword.

154: Meloetta


The next event PKMN, Meloetta doesn’t seem like much and it really isn’t sharing Girafarig’s Normal/Psychic typing, but I’m guessing it does have an importance since all event PKMN are basically important to the movies…ala Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Zorua/Zoroark.  Yeah, it’s prolly that important.

However, the neat thing that comes off from it is when you teach it Relic Song from a guy in Castelia City and then use it…it changes it’s look and everything to a Normal/Fighting type (unique) and its stats change to a more physical beast.

155: Genesect


Closing the Generation finally…Genesect is quite interesting.  First off as it is the final PKMN in the 5th Gen, Genesect ends up having a lot of connections to Mewtwo who was the final of the original 150.  I mean it was tinkered around by the bad group of the region (Team Rocket for Mewtwo and Team Plasma for Genesect).  It is Bug/Steel which is definitely not new…but it’s the first Bug legendary so it gets that trophy xD.  It’s interesting nonetheless…but there’s something weird about it…nothing epic like Arceus was…

AND THAT’S IT!!!!!….Should I do a review of the game or pass it up? COMMENT UR OPINION!!!


7 Responses to “GENERATION 5: 144-155: Legendaries…Shmedenaries”

  1. Miss E Says:

    You should definitely review the game! I would love you see your opinion about it.

  2. ickopowah Says:

    how can u say that Zekrom is better than Reshiram?? T_T i really don’t like Kami trio, and also i dislike Terrakion…the others looks great^^
    I think u have to review the game ù_ù

  3. keyinjpop Says:

    Definitely do a review, plus the designs for this gen’s pokemon were awesome (if not weird).

  4. Alex Says:

    Okay then. Not to be mean, but I hated the PKMN posts lol. Thank GOD you’ve finished.

  5. Naru Says:

    Please do a review on the game ! I liked your KH one. ^^

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