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xTRiPx – Disturb[da]bordeR April 4, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. SE.Disturbed bordeR
  2. trust
  3. Milky way
  4. yours only (Type-A only)
  5. geT Ready (Type-B only)

1. SE.Disturbed bordeR

Acting as the intro to the single, SE.Disturbed bordeR is kind of interesting since it starts out with someone saying ~disturbed~ or something like that.  Either way the guitar riff and the synth stuff keeps going for the entire track.  It’s not too interesting but it does its job.

2. trust

Being the main track, trust is actually not a bad effort from the band since it’s straight-up rock this time around.  Yo-shiT’s vocals are kind of difficult to really get used to, since they sound much different than I remember it sounding on their last single.  Either way it’s straightfoward and actually not that bad besides getting used to vocals and all.

3. Milky way

I found it funny that the way Milky way began reminded me of a BoA song since unlike the rockin’ “trust”, Milky way is more poppier and has quite an interesting feel with Yo-shiT actually sounding like Junsu from THSK XD.  It’s actually quite better to be honest and the guitar solo from Shougo was actually good.  I’d say I was pretty damn impressed here…maybe xTRiPx should go for something like this more often.

4. yours only

Only on the Type-A edition, yours only tones things slightly more since it feels like a combination of the previous two songs.  I do enjoy the more acoustic feel found here and I think there’s more than one guy singing here for some reason.  I do think that putting Yo-shiT’s vocals under filters was a not-so-good thing, but it does fit the mood of the song.  I’m not sure what to really think of it.

5. geT Ready

The last song on the single, is a bit more hard hitting and aggressive than the rest of the songs off the single.  Yo-shiT is really hitting this gritty tone to this voice and the song almost comes of as a metal track which is WTF in its own way.  I’m not too big of a fan, but for an edition only song this is kind of ehhhh.



I don’t really know what to say XD, it’s actually a good single from xTRiPx.  After the kind of disappointing act of “[double]” and “Astrovibes” I was hoping for something good to happen from the V-kei group, but Disturb[da]bordeR really fixed things up.  This single was great, but I’m still trying to get used to Yo-shiT’s vocals.


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