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YuiKaori – Shooting☆Smile April 9, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Shooting☆Smile
  2. CUE the Future ~”Q” no Theme~
  3. Shooting☆Smile (off vocal ver.)
  4. CUE the Future ~”Q” no Theme~ (off vocal ver.)

1. Shooting☆Smile

I really don’t know what to think of this duo anymore.  It seems with Shooting☆Smile tries to make things a little more interesting since their last A-sides haven’t really been totally exciting or anything.  It does seem they wanted to recapture “Our Steady Boy” but came up short since the vocals is almost impossible to enjoy since they’re high pitched and overly genki.  I do think Kaori is slightly singing better, but I could be wrong.  Some of the instrumentals for this song is good, but hampered by the two gals.

2. CUE the Future ~”Q” no Theme~

As for the B-side, I’m not sure what to really think.  It’s less synthetic than the A-side, but it calls for even more cuter vocals (well Yui’s quiet singing is quite the annoyance).  If there was anything like their first A-side, than this would be more closer since it’s all anime-like and cutesy like hell.  Meh….

I can only guess an album is on the way as this is their 4th single and such.  Shooting☆Smile is just not much of a step in any direction to be honest.  I’m just losing interest in them with every single so far since they haven’t really made an effort to their music except for being a cute duo…I mean yeah, they do songs for animes…but yeesh…can we change it up?  If an album is next, I can only fathom my lack of interest in it lol.


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