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GRANRODEO – We wanna R&R SHOW April 14, 2011

Filed under: GRANRODEO — solarblade @ 7:36 pm

Track Listing

  1. We wanna R&R SHOW
  3. We wanna R&R SHOW (OFF VOCAL)

1. We wanna R&R SHOW

I just don’t know what to say about We wanna R&R SHOW at first since it starts off with KISHOW and lone piano…it was like…really?!? another slow song for an A-side?  At least after that long opening, e-ZUKA pops up and the song turns into anthem rock with loud and gritty guitars and cool vocals from KISHOW.  It’s has energy and punch but it’s not as quick-paced like their B-side, “Shanimuni”.  Good song though!


As for the B-side, SEA OF STARS is a bit surprising since there’s synths involved and the song is a bit more like a straightforward rock track with KISHOW doing his thing as usual xD.  It’s an interesting song, but it kind of lacks something that makes me slightly bored of the song.  Maybe it’s because it’s kind of feels too slow for itself.

As the second single, I can’t say that We wanna R&R SHOW is better than “Koi Oto” since the B-side was a bust.  I am a little surprised that the A-side doesn’t even make the cut onto “SUPERNOVA” and I’m not sure why, but SEA OF STARS does which kind of sucks XD.  Now I’m curious about the album.


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