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Mix Speaker’s, Inc. – CIRCUS April 22, 2011

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After their last A-side, I was kind of letdown with CIRCUS since it isn’t as wacky or all over the place with its arrangement.  It sounds pretty much like basic V-kei that’s upbeat.  I mean it does have hard parts which was cool and YUKI and MIKI sounds good though singing together, but it doesn’t beat “Midnight Queen” by a long shot.


For the B-side, it’s a bit softer than “CIRCUS” and a little more of what I was expecting from the band.  It’s actually kind of cute listening to it since it has that eerie carousel feel to it that actually sounds good.  The singers also did a much better job singing here, but I’m not sure what to think if it’s better than some of their older works. 

As the final single before “It’s a Dream World”, CIRCUS is kind of a disappointment after their last single since the A-side felt kind of lacking this time with a meh arrangement.  MY CIRCUS was slightly better, but not by too much.  I enjoyed “Midnight Queen” a lot more tbh.


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