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Mortal Kombat….FATALITIES GALORE! (possible spoilers…and prolly a lot of uhm gory things!) April 25, 2011

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So MK is now out and it’s one of the goriest series to date (at least in the Fighting genre)….so let’s talk about why this series is so huge by going down and checking out the new fatalities (at least 2 for each character…even BOSSES?!?) and of course Babalities make a return which I might do in a later post


  • Split Decision: Scorpion takes out his ninja sword, slices through the opponents waist, slices his head off, kicks his body so the head stays afloat and cuts that down the middle

Let’s be frank, MK loves their kills and y’know stretching it out like that was probably not so much needed especially after the decapitation…but damn slicing the guys head into two was pretty damn gruesome XD.  (8/10)

  • Nether-gate: Scorpion stabs the opponent with a kunai that has a chain connected to it and wraps around their neck.  Then he opens a portal to the Netherrealm and kicks the opponent into it and another portal opens and the opponents skeletal body is hanged from said chain (guessing it got uber burned or something).

Scorpion has never been one for such conceptually odd fatalities so it comes as a surprise for me that he’d have one that’s so oddly elaborate.  I mean the kunai and chain was a surprise but hanging them after they’re burned between portal movement was quite devious and cruel but cool.  I kind of was wondering why the body didn’t pull away from the skull…but whatever XD  (7/10)

  • Toasty: Scorp pulls off his mask and breathes fire onto the opponent and they run around before falling down dying from the burns.

It hasn’t been too long since we’ve seen this fatality last (MK vs. DC) but it’s still one of Scorpion’s most well-known fatalaties so it’s gotta be basic.  Also, it’s only available with the special release Scorp that’s in his old ninja outfit.  Basic, but gets the job done (8/10)

Sub-Zero (Bi Han)

  • Have an Ice Day: Sub-Zero freezes the lower half of the opponent, walks up and rips their upper half away and holds it up.

Not really that jaw-dropping, but I guess it’s a new take on the ole Torso Rip fatality…just given an update.  To me it’s not really that amazing but it’s something. (6/10)

  • Spinal Smash: First off, Subbie pushes his opponent so they’re facing him, runs his hand through their chest and grabs their spine (with skull attatched).  That’s not all however…he then freezes his opponent solid and then whacks them with the skull end of the spinal cord, shattering them to pieces.

Boy oh boy, nothing like a good ole Subbie fatality.  While I am a little disappointed that it’s another rip of some body part (however, the spine rip is all Subbie).  However, most of the 3D games, they’ve amped it up for Subbie so he gets at least a really sweet and bitchin fatality and seriously…it’s gold.  I mean spine rip is blah, but shattering them with said spine is classy hahaha.  (9/10)

  • Spine Rip: While it’s not shown in the vids, it’s what it is…Subbie grabbing the opponents neck until their head and spine pop off.

Another one of those “special” fatalities where u need classic ninja suit Subbie for, the regular Spine Rip is still quite gruesome…but nowhere as off the wall as a few others (6/10)


  • Acid Yak: Reptile walks up to the opponent and literally throws up acid into the person’s mouth and while their in pain, Reptile reaches in and rips out their stomach.

I mean we all knew Reptile has acid fatalities so it’s not a new concept at all, but the way he just kind of throws up in their mouths was pretty nifty.  Though the thing that bugged me the most about the fatality was that why did he have to rip their stomach out when he could’ve let the acid take a bigger effect…it just doesn’t make sense… (6/10)

  • Weight Loss: Reptile starts off this fatality by turning invisible and slashing the opponents neck, then slashes their mid-section.  He then suddenly reappears with a force ball in hand and slams that into his mid-section and pushes forward until they explode!

Thank god they changed it up this time.  In most games he’s been present in, Reptile has always had an acid spitting or a devouring fatality so it’s great they put something like his force ball move into one and it actually looks cool as well.  (9/10)

  • Yummy!: Reptile removes his mask and sends his tongue out and pulls off the opponents head and eats up.

Yeah, classic-suit Reptile gets this fatality (not shown here, of course)  and it’s another one of those simple ones especially since it’s from MK2 and all.  I wish it was the one from MK3 where he eats the body in three shoots of his tongue, but this’ll do.  Once again, nothing too amazing or special, but it’s Reptile’s signature fatality. (7/10)


  • Mind Over Splatter: Ermac telepathically levitates the opponent into the air and with a wave of his hands rips their limbs straight off and then raises them and drops them on their head

Nice!  I actually like this a lot more than all of his other fatalities that he’s ever had to be honest.  I mean ouch, I wouldn’t wanna be in his telepathic onslaught, especially if he’s ripping arms and legs and uber slamming ur head into the ground…Nicely done!!! (9/10)

  • Pest Control: Using his powers, Ermac shrinks the opponent down to miniature size walks up and steps on them, squishing them to death.

I mean it’s a little more understandable than Jax’s MK3, UMK3, and MKT fatality where he randomly grows.  Still, I’m not terribly impressed with this kill since they could’ve done a bit more with Ermac’s Telekinesis…I mean not the slam…but something more random like Kenshi’s DA fatality XD (5/10)

Noob Saibot

  • Make a Wish: Noob summons his shadow and they both grab each of their opponent’s legs and pulls them in opposite directions until the opponent is literally ripped in half.

Wow, this is the more gruesome fatality of all MK fatalities yet.  I mean I didn’t expect this much of wtf but this is definitely at the top.  I mean ripping them starting at their crotch no less is painful and then hearing the crunching is just so disturbing…wow I didn’t think they could pull it off wow they did.  (10/10)

  • As One: Noob creates a portal underneath the opponent and his shadow pops up and starts dragging them under but Noob closes the portal so that only the upper half is left and the opponent crawls but dies quickly.

As One is probably one of the more crueler fatalaties since you don’t really notice that Noob purposely closes the portal and laughs at the opponent as they crawl.  It’s sinister and definitely fits the character as well. (9/10)


  • Smoked Out: Smoke poses and then strikes then in the eyes and releases a whole lot of smoke and then the opponents starts screaming will the smoke moves around the body and melts everything on the body until they fall bones and all.

I still don’t fully understand the fatality as it’s kind of hard to follow along with how is the smoke burning the body as it is, but it’s still a pretty gnarly fatality.  (8/10)

  • Tremor: Oh…hi off-handed nod to Tremor from Special Forces.  Smoke strikes a ninja pose and teleports through the opponent.  As he pops out on the other side you see “tremors” going through the opponent and it seems like they’ve been sliced and had smoked poured through them…or whatever XD….either way they just fall apart to pieces…

Yeah, another confusing fatality but simply cool since it is so ninja-like and such.  I love how they opponent vibrates and just simply falls apart through them and the smoke coming off their head.  Nifty little fatality TBH. (10/10)

Liu Kang

  • Fist of Flame: Simply lights his hand aflame and punches through their chest.

Yeah, Liu Kang has never really had a flashy fatality up until MKD and even then he was undead so it’s kind of null at this point.  Simple and to the point, but Liu actually had better to be honest the flaming punch just isn’t cutting it (5/10)

  • The Beast Within: Liu morphs into a dragon and bites the upper half of his opponent’s body right off and eats and morphs back to Liu

We’ve seen this fatality a lot as well but I think it’s the first time it’s in 3D in the fighting side of things.  Liu turning into a black dragon it seems and not green was new and the metallic look also was surprising, but the fatality is kind of like….do something else with it IMO (5/10)

Kung Lao

  • Hat Trick: Kung Lao throws his hat and it comes back decapitating the opponent, but Kung Lao catches his hat and vertically slices down the middle of the body where it splits apart. 

I liked that they seemingly combined two of Kung Lao’s more popular fatalities to make a glorious one and it’s great.  The best thing about this whole fatality was the camera angles especially after the vertical slice…that was uber cool and prolly gross for a lot of people…I mean bubbly blood *sends shivers* it’s just so epic win! (8/10)

  • Razor’s Edge: Kung Lao kicks his opponent to the ground then throws his hat onto the ground and it’s spinning in place on the ground like a spinning sawblade.  Then he grabs his opponents legs and drags their body across the spinning blade slicing them in half.

I did find out that this one is from Shaolin Monks and I was terribly saddened since at the time, I thought this was one of the goreiest fatalities yet (Well, that is until a few more came out since XD).  It’s still great nonetheless and was the first OMFG fatalities of the game that I saw. (9/10)

Johnny Cage

  • Heads Up!: Johnny uppercuts the opponents head right off and then walks up and rips their torso off tosses it on the other side of him and the head bounces back up and he catches it and holds it up

Like various other fatalities in the game it seems they’re (Netherrealm Studios) is mixing two old ones to make a new one.  Both are pretty well known as Johnny’s signatures and mixing the two is pretty smart of them to do and it doesn’t look bad to be honest.  Not as well-thought out, but good nonetheless (7/10)

  • And the Winner is…: Johnny karate chops the opponents head through the middle and it’s split open, then he pulls out a trophy (through happenstance of course) and says ~and the award goes to~ and slams it in the split middle and then pushes them to the ground. (NOTE: However to Kratos…he doesn’t to the award stuff…odd).

This was funny, I’ll admit.  I mean the karate chop was pretty epic and kind not-expected from him since doesn’t have any of that.  However, the trophy inclusion turned the fatalities into something humorous in the long run and it’s just funny seeing a golden muscle man in place of where a head and face should be XD (7/10)


  • Fan Opener: Pushes her opponent to face her, then opens her fans and cuts off her opponent’s arms and then decapitates them with a horizontal slash of one fan.

She’s always had this fatality in her arsenal and it’s one of the most boring ones in the series.  NRS (Netherrealm Studios) did try to spice it up a little by letting her slice the arms…but it’s still the normal decapitation process that makes me yawn…Yeah it’s bad. (4/10)

  • Splitting Headache: Kitana starts by stabbing one of her CLOSED fans into her opponents abdomen and the twists and opens slicing the mid-waist horizontally, then stabs (in what I think is in the mouth and opens it vertically splitting their head in half.

I was taken aback that Kitana’s 2nd fatality wasn’t a Kiss of Death like always.  I thought this was pretty clever but it didn’t look really polished like it should’ve been.  I mean the torso cut should’ve made more of a scene and split the body into two.  The head thing? wow that was deadly XD  Interesting fatality, but it needs more shock value with that cut in the middle. (7/10)


  • Be Mine:  Mileena starts this fatality by throwing her sais into her opponents chest.  Then she walks over in a slow and kind of sexy way and looks like she’s gonna kiss him then rips his head and starts to devour it and throws it on the ground and poses.

It seems like ever since Deception, she’s been portrayed as MK’s literal slut and it shows with this fatality since she looks so into it.  The sai throw was a little unecessary since it didn’t really contribute to the beheading and nibbling.  I will say this was more classier than MKD’s Mileena pouncing and viciously ripping off the head with her teeth but that’s just me XD (8/10)

  • Rip Off: Mileena throws each of her two sais into her opponents feet and then walks up to them rips their torso off and throws it to the ground.

Just by looking at the title you know what I’m going to go for.  It seriously is a rip off.  Remember Kira from Deception, yeah she had one of the cooler fatalities in the game in which instead of sais, Kira threw her daggers into the feet.  To me, I would’ve had Mileena’s 2nd fatality from Deception more…but this was a low blow…still cool fatality but not meant for Mileena (6/10)


  • Head-a-Rang: Jade throws her boomerang and it decapitates the opponent.  As the boomerang is moving past, she Shadow Kicks her opponents, catches their head and her boomerang and poses

It’s one of Jade’s more simplistic and not-so much gory like her past fatalities.  I do like that she uses her boomerang much like Kung Lao to decapitate, but it’s definitely not as epic as her primary fatality in Deception.  (7/10)

  • Half Mast: Jade kicks her opponent into the air and summons her polestaff and places it onto to the ground where the opponent lands and gets impaled.  It’s isn’t over however, Jade walks over and rips their head off and firmly places it on the top of the polestaff

It’s nice to see they brought back one of her 2D fatalities and they gave it a nice touchup.  It’s great to see Jade all pissed off when she does it too given it a much needed emotional bang.  The head rip and placement was a nice little afterthought and makes it more brutal than it is.  Great fatality (9/10)

Sonya Blade

  • Scissor Split: Sonya moves into a headstand and grabs the opponent between her legs and then proceed to split them apart with them. 

It’s pretty simple and it is based off her MK4/MKG fatality of the same thing so it’s basically a graphical update.  The thing that caught my attention was the amount of blood was spilt on Sonya’s coochie…that’s a little disturbing to me XD.  I don’t think it’s so amazing, but it does continue the notion that Sonya has epic thighs XD (7/10)

  • Kut-Throat: She whips out some wire, does a flip over the opponent so the wire is strangling them and she proceeds to pull on it until their head comes off.

Another surprise that Sonya doesn’t get a Kiss of Death either, this one actually looks like it was a struggle to do since Sonya had to tug a couple of times before the head came off.  I actually like this simply because it sort of reminded me of the movie SALT…if you know what I mean ^_^ (9/10)

Jax Briggs

  • Smash and Grab: Jax walks over and claps his metallic hands over the opponents head, destroying it basically and then ripping off their arms…

This had to be the worst fatality of the game.  I mean why would you rip someone’s arms off after smashing their head to SPLAT!  I mean if it was the other way around, it would’ve made more sense and would’ve been better…but seriously…this was bad…even for Jax! (3/10)

  • Three Points!: Jax pounds the opponent into the ground three times, kicks their head once, rears back and kicks their head off on the second try.

Basically it sort of is like Jax’s old 2D fatality, but it reminds me more of Superman’s Heroic Brutality from MK vs. DC.  After pounding them into the ground, it makes sense that the kicks would look like something that would happen in American Football.  It is better than his first one, but this is still kind of just meh to me (5/10)


  • Heartbreak: Kano pushes the opponent so that their back is facing him and shoves his hand through them holding their heart.  As they’re struggling they look at the heart and Kano squeezes it and it pops.

Of the heart rip fatalities we’ve seen from Kano during the years, I must say this is the best yet since he goes the extra steps and makes them look at it while it squeezes it.  However, I don’t see how they can cry in more pain when the heart is squeezed since it’s not attatched to their body anymore…seems like a weird sneeze on the developers part…but it’s still nice of a fatality. (7/10)

  • Eat Your Heart Out: Kano goes and rips the opponents heart out and then rips their head off and places the head where the heart was and kicks their body to the floor and raises the heart in victory.

I will say that Kano having two heart rip fatalities is a little disappointing considering the fact that his laser eye has no use in the game period.  I’m also getting a very small dejavu moment with the head in the heart thing because it reminds me of Darrius’ Picasso fatality.  I’m not sure, but it just seems very meh (5/10)


  • Buzz Kill: Cyrax turns his arm into a spinning blade and slashes the opponent across and in an X and then kicks their sliced body to the floor. (NOTE: It’s a little different with Human Cyrax) but it ends the same way)

I do think this is prolly my least favorite fatality from Cyrax and he’s my favorite MK dude so it’s something when I dislike something like this.  I mean he is full of gadgetry and when you watch all of his fatalities from MK3 to Deadly Alliance there’s just a lot of amazingness so this hack n’ slash came off as a bummer to me.  (6/10)

  • Nothing But Net: Cyrax fires off a souped-up version of his Net and it goes through the opponent and they fall apart.

I know this is just a simple upgrade to the net and it actually reminds me of one of the Resident Evil movies with the laser net and such so this might be a slight homage to that.  It’s pretty cool and shows off more of his gadgets…but once again doesn’t beat his older ones (7/10)


  • Robo-sek: Sektor readies four missiles by his side than shoots a big missile to seperate the torso out into four pieces and each of the 4 smaller missiles hit those pieces…basically all that’s left is the legs and feet.

Oh that looked pretty awesome ^_^.  I must say Sektor really surprised me with this even though this is his first fatality that included the missiles.  I like that he just blew off the upper half like that and then let the other missiles make a bloodbath out of the rest of the body parts.  I love it…so much badassery! (9/10)

  • Scarecrow: Sektor presses buttons on his console and a contraption gets shot onto the opponents chest.  It starts to beep and then it goes off. What happens is that the scarecrow shoots to the ground and other parts branch off and pulls the limbs and head off the opponent into a shape of a scarecrow (complicated to really describe) but yeah.

Wow, I really thought whoever thought of this was a genius and to give it to someone like Sektor was an awesome move!  The way the scarecrow just instantly pops up gives such a shock value and it’s so different, I felt this was the most creative of the fatalities.  (10/10)


  • Just a Scratch: Raiden shoots a lightning balls at his opponent’s arms and legs to get them off and them takes their body and slams their head into the ground getting rid of that.

Sounds kind of like Ermac’s first fatality but without the telepathy to back it up.  Just for that I’m not too big of a fan of this fatality when it was done so much better.  (5/10)

  • Transplant: Things start off with Raiden teleporting behind his foe and then ripping their shoulder blades off and electrically charging them.  He places one on the back of their head and one I guess on their back and uses his god powers to detonate them blowing his head off first and then their upper body after.

Odd fatality and a strange way of doing it.  I mean I’m used to Raiden grabbin’ the guy and electricuting them til they explode…but shoulder blades and using “odd control” to make them blow up?  It’s a bit of an oddball kind of way to kill someone but at least it’s not like Raiden’s suicide fatality XD (7/10)


  • Little Off the Top: Nightwolf pulls out a tomahawk and throws it vertically and it gets lodged in the foe’s skull, then pulls another tomahawk and throws it horizontally and beheads him and then walks over and picks up the first thrown tomahawk.

Yeah, kind of like combining Nightwolf’s two fatalities he had in Deception.  I don’t think the second tomahawk was entirely necessary here, but whatever, go for the glory right?  I’ve never been a fan of either so seeing them together didn’t really do any better (6/10)

  • Ascension: He pulls out two daggers and then lightning bolts strike them, making them glow.  He then stabs the opponent with them and suddenly a bright light comes from somewhere and melts their skin off so all that’s left is muscle and bone. 

It’s definitely awesome that to see his MK3 fatality get touched up here and while it’s got the same results I felt they could’ve done a bit more than a pillar of light y’know?  Still it’s great to see that Nightwolf doesn’t have another tomahawk fatality XD (8/10)


  • Time Served: Stryker pulls out his tazer and electrocutes them then pulls out his gun and shoots them straight in the head blowing their head to bits.

As simple as that sounds, it’s gory as hell in the aftermath.  It isn’t the electrocution that’s bothersome, but it’s the gunshot to the head which they didn’t censor.  Let’s not forget this happens on three different camera angles and it repeats so it’s epic.  Even gnarlier is that u can see the opponents tongue even though their head was just blown off…talk about shock value again! (10/10)

  • Have a Blast: Styker places one of his grenades in his foe’s mid-section and it explodes

Another simple fatality but it gets the job done, it’s not as epic as Stryker’s first, but it’s quick and gets to the point…kind of cool I guess overall (7/10)


  • Hook Up: Kabal kicks his foe into the air and readies his hooksword and strikes at the right moment slicing them in half and beheading since the head is lodged on the hooksword after the strike.

This is almost exactly like one of his fatalities from MK:Deception and that’s a big disappointment.  However, the only big change is the head on the hooksword this time around and the position of when he slices is different as well…but still pretty damn disappointing x.x (5/10)

  • It Takes Guts: Kabal takes his hookswords and pulls their intestines out and them places his weapons on the ground.  The for then stumbles forwards and lands on the weapons and slides down them slowly

Wow, finally something that hasn’t been pulled out or taken out.  I was pleased at that, but then letting then just slide down the weapons was a bit disappointing because Kabal could’ve done more with it…maybe use his super speed to spin take the intestines and wrap em around the neck…iono…it could’ve more flashy. (7/10)


  • Up the Middle: Shoots out his blades from his arms, slices the foe’s arms off, stabs them in the chest and with the other arm slices “up the middle”

This is the brutal Baraka I was waiting for.  Everytime, it’s been one strike and they’re out, I wanted Baraka to have some fun and he has been in recent times…Deception and now.  I like how feral he gets and that last slice through the middle was the frosting on the cake, way to go! (8/10)

  • Take a Spin: Baraka impales the foe on his blade only to lift him above his head and spins them while his other arm slices the body parts off until the upper body is left and tosses it to the ground.

Oddly enough, this reminds me of Sindel’s 2nd fatality from Deception.  Baraka’s doesn’t seem like his character here and it feels a bit odd seeing him spinning an opponent above his head and cutting them apart.  It’s OK, but not for him (7/10)


  • Migraine: Sindel focuses her yelling at her opponents head til it explodes (literally)

Oh damn, we all know her scream fatalities usually have full body ideas and usually they die full-on, but this time Sindel specifically goes for the ear and damn the scene where the head explodes is amazing and I loved it personally.  It’s so gruesome, that it’s just so cool to watch XD (10/10)

  • Mouthful: Sindel yells into her hands as some of the energy is put in her hands and she shoves into the mouth of the foe where it explodes after expansion

I kind of tilted my head at this one since it’s not something I was expecting but when it turned out to be another head explosion, I was like…the other one is better.  Seriously, where’s our hair-based fatality NRS?  (6/10)


  • Stripped Down: Rips off the opponents skin off them and kicks their body to the floor afterwards

Yay another classic fatality given a touch up.  It looks so painful still and it’s not bloody, but it’s just yikes!  There’s still a bit to enjoy even though it’s a real quick fatality to be honest.  (7/10)

  • Lend a Hand: Sheeva rips their arms off and proceeds to slap them with em with placing her other two arms behind her head.  After that they fall over and she claps using their hands XD

I mean nothing like rubbing it in like Sheeva’s 2nd fatality!  It’s kind of goofy and it’s odd since it wouldn’t seem like they die in these circumstances.  I still think when she slaps ya it looks soooo wrong yet so funny.  (7/10)

Shang Tsung

  • Bang Bang!: Shang Tsung morphs into a clown and pulls out a gun and it tricks and says BANG! on it and he laughs and dances about and pulls out a real gun and shoots the guys brains out and he laughs more and twirls and then bows…

First off WTF at this fatality.  If you don’t know this is actually what originally was meant to be The Joker’s fatality in MK vs. DC, however it was edited so much that it was enough to complained about.  What’s weird is that Shang would turn into a clown to pull it off.  It’s so random, but it’s cool that we have it without the silly censoring (8/10)

  • Identity Theft: Shang takes over his foe’s body and forces them to rip their own head off.

I mean last time we’ve seen this, Zombie Liu Kang had this as a fatality (even though there were some differences of course.  Shang seems more simpler at to the point and he doesn’t stay in the body either since he escapes to the side right after the head rip.  It’s alright, but it was funnier when I saw Liu Kang’s head replacing the character’s original XD (6/10)

Cyber Sub-Zero

  • Kold Fusion: Cyber Subbie presses buttons on his console and then pounces onto his opponent and he freezes himself and the foe and he self-destructs taking himself and the foe’s upper half.

I mean we had Cyrax and Smoke using the self-destruct device before so the thought isn’t new, but the pouncing and freezing aspects are unique and I thought it was cool and a tad better than when the other robos used it.  (7/10)

  • Brain Freeze: Starts with Cyber Sub shooting two shuriken into each eye of the opponent from his chestplate.  After that he summons a third one a freezes and shoots it straight into his foe’s brain and we see the shuriken spinning deep in the brain and the opponent falls over in a rather braindead look.

A lot of people have commented that it sucks, but literally it doesn’t it’s one of the few fatalities that screws u up on the insides and the shuriken diving deeper, making brain soup is just quite epic.  Seeing ur opponent fall over with their knee kind of raised in an odd way is great too (10/10)

Quan Chi

  • Beat Down: Quan Chi rips off the foe’s leg and beats them down to the ground and keeps on going even after their head is knocked off.

Yup, his epic MK4/MKG fatality is back and thank god after than terrible Neck Stretcher shit from DA.  It’s great that the amped it up to where the head comes off…so either way, it’s more of a graphical update to his old fatality (8/10)

  • On Your Knees: Pulls a sword out, cuts the legs off and then cut the heads off

This was actually Scorpion’s fatality until it was changed up (I’m guessing last minute).  I mean there’s not much else to really give Quan Chi in fatalities.  I don’t think this one suits him really well…seriously NRS…use the flaming skulls or his sorcery skills…not a sword *rolls eyes* (4/10)


  • Blade of Olympus: So Kratos begins this by stabbing his foe with his sword and then letting fall down and try to stop the bleeding and then from behind stabs him again in the midsection but this time pulls the sword up and splits him into but still together near the goodies.

For PS3’s exclusive awesomeness Kratos’ first fatality is a little obvious to me since we all knew it was going to be a brutal sword finisher.  I loved that he stabbed the guy in the middle and just slashed up the middle like that…I liked it ^_^ (7/10)

  • Stone Cold: Kratos pulls out Medusa’s head and turns the opponent into stone, puts on his gauntlets and smashes them to pieces.

You’d think it’d get wilder with his second, but sadly it doesn’t.  I thought this was pretty lame for a fatality especially if they’re just turned to stone (which kills them right there).  Iono, it’s just not special.  There should’ve been A LOT MORE with Kratos being here in the game. (5/10)


  • Head Ripper: Goro goes to his foe and rips their head off and then rips it into four pieces with his four arms.

It looked simple at first with the first rip but it got nasty with the second rip with ripping the head into quarters.  I thought it was cool, but I would’ve wanted to see it through Sheeva and not Goro…he needs better kills XD (6/10)

  • Limb and Body Rip: Goro grabs his opponent and holds them in the while his other two arms splits his legs off flips him over, rips the arms off and the rips the body in half

Now this is definitely what Goro should represent.  It’s pretty much a powerful fatality and it’s brutal and amazing for him.  Sweet rippin’ jesus!  Goro just needs to rip stuff off like he does here (8/10)


  • Shokan Rip: Grabs them and starts to pull on each limb with his four arms.  He does this until they split apart.

A little basic and prolly was one of the more obvious ones after all that rippage.  Kintaro’s isn’t as epic as Goro’s but whatever (6/10)

  • Reverse Rip: With the foes back towards him, he rips off the arms with one pair of arms and then the head with the other and then rips that again in two.

I think that Kintaro kind of copied off of Goro slightly here but not too much since it’s a rip of the arms and then two times rip of the head.  Not as wacky as the 4-head rip but whatever (6/10)

Shao Kahn

  • Home Run: Grabs the opponent by the neck, throws them into the air and hits them with his hammer…BOOM!

Yeah, this isn’t anything new to be honest since this is way similar to his fatality in Deception.  It’s alright and the graphical upgrade is pretty nice.  I still think there’s better one’s he had… (7/10)

  • Double Down: Shao Kahn forces his hands into his foe’s chest and starts pulling them apart til they split fully

Gah, now this is why he’s a big badass and one of the most evil bosses in fighting games.  I mean this is cruel pain and just fits him right.  Once again you see on the other side of the body and you see the ripping and blood and yeaaaaah!  Definitely an awesome one here!!! (10/10)




  • Blood Bath: Skarlet takes her dagger and stabs her opponent in the ear (for I guess control) but then pulls her other dagger and slashes the opponent’s neck and bathes in the blood that shoots out…

Weird that Skarlet (the game’s lone legit character that isn’t a guest) has a blood fetish I guess.  I mean this fatality really does suit here though and it’s sadistic in good ways…not one of the bests but more intriguing (7/10)

  • Make it Rain: Skarlet starts up by stabbing herself and transforming into blood (which she can move at will as well) positions underneath her opponent and then blood colums shoot up from the ground propping the guy in the air and then Skarlet suddenly reappears and slashes their stomach and once again…bathes in their blood (it powers her up)…

If there was a fatality that actually looked like pure torture, it’d definitely be Skarlet’s second for sure.  I mean she’s basically taking a blood shower of her opponent and she’s loving it XD.  Even more sadistic to watch….(9/10)


  • Scatterbrained: Kenshi telepathically picks up his opponent slams him against the camera or tv screen (breaking the fourth wall?) and after pulling them back and an eyeball is gone you suddenly see then being slashed in half (also telepathically).

Kenshi’s had some pretty nifty fatalities in his past so his first one in MK (though a little odd he’s in this game), Scatterbrained is pretty badass and a little comical with the eyeball loss.  It’s still brutal and very much him.  Plus his sword slicing without Kenshi holding it?  NICE! (8/10)

  • Split Ends: Kenshi pulls his opponent close to him then summons his sword and throws it where it’s sticking to the ground and then throws the opponent into the sword slicing them in half.

The weird thing I find about this fatality was that the throw and impact into the sword didn’t feel like it was right.  Unless Kenshi was also telepathically forcing the slice, then I guess I’d be alright but physics just made it look a little weird to me. (7/10)


  • Bubble Burst: Rain starts by creating a bubble of water around the opponent’s head and then somehow (I guess he has control of water outside his body) moves the water down into their body where they basically combust and well they go boom!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Rain with his own fatality so it was nice to have something like this where he pulls off a water fatality rather than lightning or an uppercut.  To me this makes up for the reason Kitana didn’t have the Kiss of Death. (8/10)

  • Does it Sting: Rain begins his second by raising water from the ground and surrounds the legs of the opponent before breaking them off the body then he pulls back and creates a blade of water before striking the opponents neck, beheading them.

Wow that first section with the water breaking the legs looked painful as all hell and just made the fatality but we had to kill the opponent in a rather normal way (though the blade of water is a cool idea).  It’s just a cool start to a rather meh ending…but fitting since Rain is a prince and all, right?  (8/10)

Freddy Krueger

  • Tell ‘Em Freddy Sent Ya: Starts with Freddy teleporting behind his opponent, stabbing them in the back and dragging them down to Hell…after a little bit, the portal shoots blood (kind of like a certain scene)…

Wow, that’s really nice that they brought a pretty good fatality from a kill from the movie Freddy is from (plus Johnny Depp dies in said fashion so it’s a nice nod to the movie).  Not the most logical death move…but quite nostalgic (6/10)

  • Welcome To My Nightmare: He summons a nice toaster oven…no actually big one surrounded by flames and such…then digs his claws and tosses his opponent into it.  They start to scream as they’re burning and Freddy waves bye-bye and shuts the door and an arm from the opponent gets cut out too from the door shutting.

Ouch, nothing like throwing your troubles in something like one of those right?  Simple but effective and the bye-bye was rather cute XD.  Interesting death though (7/10)