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UVERworld – CORE PRIDE May 8, 2011

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Track Listing

  2. Kyouchi Mantra
  3. UVER Battle Royal ~Ketahazure mix~
  4. CORE PRIDE (Anime Version)


Hey, UVERworld plus saxophones in their songs again?  Are we going back to Sangoku Road?  Besides that little surprise, I’m pretty much happy they returned to something simple to them like a rock song that isn’t as random as “GOLD” and “NO.1” or slow like “Qualia” and “MONDO PIECE”.  This is basic UVER at its best and I really enjoyed the song a bit.  TAKUYA really sounds pretty damn epic here and I love the song from the saxes to the piano to the rest of the band exploding.  Best A-side for me this era.

2. Kyouchi Mantra

As the B-side of the single Kyouchi Mantra was surprising with a nice amount of synths and a pretty fund melody and arrangement from the band.  The thing that get me is that this is pretty much an instrumental with only a few lyrics found towards the end of the song….3 minutes just for this…talk bout salt to the wounds…I was expecting a little more (then again this was released pretty soon after “MONDO PIECE”) so it’s not surprising there’s no true lyrical value here.

3. UVER Battle Royal ~Ketahazure mix~

Closing the single out is this kind of mish-mash of two or three songs (at least from what I can tell) in the song.  I recognize only one of the songs which is “GOLD”, but the other songs pass over my head which sucks because I thought this was pretty cool of a song giving it a dance beat but not letting up on the guitar riffs from the band.  If someone helps me figure the other song or songs, I will love you XD….06/02 – Well it seems that Nitro from “Timeless” and “Corona” from “AwakEVE” were used as well.  Interesting mix since none of the songs would be normal choices but it works for some reason.

As UVERworld finishes the “Life 6 SENSE” era, I found CORE PRIDE to be the bands best A-side beating out “NO.1” for sure.  While due to the short spread between this and “MONDO PIECE”, I can tell they weren’t really doing a lot on this single adding an instrumental piece and a mash-up.  Not exactly their best single, but not too bad either.


Yuya Matsushita – Naturally

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Track Listing

  1. Naturally
  2. Back To Love
  3. Donna Toki mo. (Limited Edition NO.1 only)
  4. Himitsu no Hanazono (Limited Edition NO.2 only)
  5. Kisetsu ga Kimi Dake wo Kaeru (Limited Edition NO.3 only)
  6. Kowarekaku no Radio (Limited Edition NO.4 only)
  7. Love Story wa Totzuzen ni (Limited Edition NO.5 only)
  8. Yume de Aetara (Limited Edition NO.6 only)
  9. Naturally (Vocalless)

1. Naturally

I really loved the fact that Naturally takes us back to Yuya’s early style of just some R&B to listen to.  There’s some interesting things going on in the song like some female vocals and a whole lot of acoustic guitar to drive the song along.  It’s kind of cute in a way and I loved Yuya’s vocals in this song a lot more than “Bird” and “Paradise”. 

2. Back To Love

As the main B-side of the single, Back to Love begins why I’m not a big fan of this single.  From here on out the songs are rather slow and range on being mid-tempos for the most part.  To me, it doesn’t grab my attention like “Naturally” did and that’s a bit unfortunate since it’s that slow and uneventful.  I guess the chorus is the best thing about the song, but it’s still not very strong.

3. Donna Toki mo.

The rest of the single came in 6 different limited editions with each one harboring a cover song of various male performers and groups.  The first one is a bit better than “Back To Love” in the way that’s back into the slower R&B style.  It feels natural (no pun intended) to him it seems because his vocals sound relaxed and sweet and charming to listen to.  Pretty good cover from what I see.

4. Himitsu no Hanazono

Which leads into the next problem I suppose about our next song.  At first, I immediately thought it was another “Donna Toki mo.” at first, but then it turned into the fastest and kind of fun at the end of the day.  Even though the arrangement is quite bare until the chorus where it gains this island vibe, it’s still pretty nice of a song and best of the covers IMO.

5. Kisetsu ga Kimi Dake wo Kaeru

This really does scream oldies from the start sicne it has this aged feeling to it for some reason.  However, I don’t like this track very much because it drags the entire time and feels like the tempo could’ve been pumped a little more…I guess the chorus is a little catchy but the rest of the song is just a blur to me

6. Kowarekaku no Radio

Great, we get another ballad to deal with.  However, it’s actually not that bad of a song and the dramatic touches found throughout the tune is quite powerful in a way.  I really liked Yuya’s vocals again the most about the song but the arrangement is actually just as good….I still do think “Himitsu no Hanazono” slightly does better, but that’s just me being me of course XD

7. Love Story wa Totzuzen ni

Sadly, the next song we have starts out quietly like a ballad before turning into another mid-tempo R&B track which is starting to drag me down just a little bit.  Yuya does sing the song in a more soothing tone but it seemed to only make the verses a bit boring in places while the chorus put a little more effort going on.  I will say the string bass was pretty damn sweet to hear but otherwise this is forgettable.

8. Yume de Aetara

Finally closing the single off is actually a cover I’ve known I’ve seen somewhere within my other artists…Anyways, this cover is just like a bunch of other songs with a chilled out mid-tempo.  Very forgetful to be honest and it just doesn’t really do much for him that hasn’t been appreciated in the other covers.

As it’s Yuya’s longest single to date, Naturally isn’t really that amazing especially after “Paradise”.  The main song was good of course and up to par with the other A-side but the B-side and the multiple covers didn’t really feel like he was giving he all.  Maybe one or two at the most, but this single felt quite blah for me.