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Piko – Story May 10, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Story
  2. Sepia
  3. Ameka Yume
  4. Story (PikoLess Version)
  5. Sepia (PikoLess Version)
  6. Ameka Yume (PikoLess Version)

1. Story

Ahhh going back to Piko’s major debut.  Story starts with a pretty steady J-rock atmosphere to it and then Piko opens his mouth and it’s like he sings in this very feminine tone which actually bothers me for some reason because it’s kind of sharp and not in tune really…almost whiny to be honest.  I will say the verses outdo the chorus majorly since they aren’t high-pitched. 

2. Sepia

After that rather unpleasing A-side, Sepia opens up quite nicely with Piko and his vocals stay in the male zone of tonality and he really does have the vocals to really work them moreso than his higher tone to be honest.  The arrangement is a little more basic to Piko, but that’s a good thing since it actually sounds clean and pretty catchy overall.

3. Ameka Yume

Against the other two songs on the single, Ameka Yume sounds very weird to me because of the arrangement and Piko’s vocals.  I thought the opening was the quality problem, but it opens into this heavier rock track with some VERY 0.o vocals from Piko especially that set of uberly high notes XD.  I did find his vocals a little more tolerable than “Story”…but it’s still quite sketchy for me.

Wow, as we get super close to Piko’s first major label album, “1PIKO”, I went back to review his previous singles leading up to the release.  Story is an alright single and I do prefer this over “Sakurane” surprisingly.  While Story and Ameka Yume has some vocal oddities on it they both have good qualities to them for being a first time think on Ki/oon.  However, Sepia might be the cleanest song on the single, but it’s the best one IMO…


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