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sphere – Hazy May 10, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Hazy
  2. Neo Eden
  3. Hazy (Off Vocal)
  4. Neo Eden (Off Vocal)

1. Hazy

It’s a little surprising that sphere would kick things off on the single with a slow song rather than keep up with the upbeat and energetic A-sides that filled out the previous era.  Since Aki, Minako, and Ayahi do these kind of lighthearted slower songs, it was going to be tough enjoying this song since they kind of bore me.  Though together and with Haruka in the song, it’s not as bad as I initially thought since the chorus sounds pretty good but the verses are a bit eh.  Truly, it’s alright and a lot better than most of these girls’ solo works.

2. Neo Eden

I was happy to see that Neo Eden actually ended up being the upbeat track on the single and it has a lot of synths (still nothing to the effect of “Future Stream”).  It seems the cuter vocals take the spotlight this time (Aki and Haruka) but it’s not so bad and the song is fun to listen to for sure but there’s not really any solos to be found here.  It’s not bad either and I do hope it makes it on their 3rd album.

sphere really jumped into their next era quickly with this single.  Hazy is a bit different than their previous singles by being more subtle and slower and trying to make that bridge across the solo careers of the members (which are just as much like this song).  Neo Eden did pick up the slack quite a bit and it sounds as animeish as their debut single which is great and all.  It’s an alright start to an era so I’m sure things’ll pick up on the next one for sure.


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