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School Food Punishment – RPG May 13, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. RPG
  2. Slide show
  3. Transition period

1. RPG

Kind of strange to see that sfp’s start the single with a title that doesn’t sound too funky like previous singles, but that’s OK because RPG is just them down perfectly.  Everything sounds just as great as the last era and Yumi to me has gotten slightly more expressive with this song.  It kind of reminds me of “future nova” but that’s about it.  I will say the synth interlude of the song was just awesome…It’s quite good and makes for a great start for their 2nd major label era.

2. Slide show

As much as I like RPG, I have a better knack for sfp’s experimental songs and Slide show is handled more in that direction to be honest.  Of course there’s the usual mix of piano and guitars with some synths to give it this fluffy bounce to it.  I will say that the chorus was kind of latin-y and kind of not.  Just like “RPG”, the middle interlude really surprised me and is one of the best things about the song…I must say…I was way more impressed with this track.

3. Transition period

Interesting that this single breaks the rhythm of A-side, B-side, and remix.  Transition period might be the 2nd B-side of the era but I found this an interesting track with Yumi under auto-tune for the vocals.  Mixing in the light techno-y vibes (but nothing like “Kakenukeru”) this is a fun song as well…and it sounds like alien music…especially the with some of the arrangement (like the after chorus melody).  Interesting song and I think it was more experimental than “Slide show”.

I still don’t really understand the change from lower case all the way to “School Food Punishment” but since this begins their 2nd major era, RPG just ensures a better era right from the start.  RPG might sound similar to some older songs, but it makes up with the experimental B-sides and they were pretty damn good.  I can on;y wonder what’s next for this way underrated band!


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