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Rina Sakurai – Angel May 18, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Angel
  2. 3AM
  3. Yogoreta Tenshi
  4. Angel ~with MAZICK~

1. Angel

Rina’s debut single Angel sounds really nice from her since it feels a bit like a mid-tempo rock tune.  I actually also enjoyed Rina’s vocals as they aren’t pitchy and has this edgy feel to it as well giving the song a kind of desperate sound that I like.  The arrangement is a little under the weather as it doesn’t give the needed spark that Rina tries to do by singing.  The guitar solos were good though so that’s a plus.  It’s an alright lead track though.

2. 3AM

As the first B-side, 3AM seems to take things on a lower level by making it a bit more ethereal and relaxing than “Angel”.  Rina’s vocals seem like there’s a bit more going on and sounds like there’s a backup vocal singing along with her.  It’s alright for being more of a ballad (I think) but like with the previous song, the arrangement is lacking just a little bit and struggles to keep this song interesting.

3. Yogoreta Tenshi

However, Rina and her producers gets things right with the other B-side.  It is the slowest track, but it left a much bigger mark than its brethren.  It’s got an almost gothic style with depressing strings and piano playing and Rina’s vocals as well.  I will say I wish she chopped the backup singers and sung on her own.  It’s pretty smooth and she pulls the song off epicly.  Why wasn’t I shown this before???

4. Angel ~with MAZICK~

Closing the single and a sort-of an edited version of Angel and a bit stronger of an arrangement with more electric guitars present and some vocal differences…like no backups until the right parts.  It’s not enough to really make a big difference but the bigger emphasis on the guitars did remedy the blandness, if only slightly. 

So Rina’s debut single which I think was an indies release is alright but is nothing to really spaz over.  I mean Angel and 3AM were alright but had blah arrangements.  Yogoreta Tenshi was pretty damn good though and surprised me with it’s dark vibes and sad sound.  The edit of Angel did make things better but not that much.  Oddly enough she wouldn’t release again until two years later when she joined Victor Entertainment.


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