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Tsuki Amano – Ringo no Ki May 23, 2011

Filed under: Tsukiko Amano — solarblade @ 11:24 am

Track Listing

  1. Ringo no Ki
  2. Finger

1. Ringo no Ki

I didn’t think Tsuki would release an A-side that’s actually slow and sweet to listen to, but she surprises me with Ringo no Ki which is funnily enough a drastic change in sound from her last A-side, “CORE”.  Opting for a more lighthearted and acoustic tune mixed with some other things it’s kind of nice.  Tsuki’s vocals are also calm which is a plus in any order.  Simple tune though…hmmm.

2. Finger

Then again the B-sides is also pretty light in sound but also a much nicer piece from Tsuki.  Also utilizing acoustic guitar for the main instrument, it’s like a poem for some reason.  Also to note is the short length at 2:25, damn short.  The third thing that I noticed pretty quickly is that Tsuki is singing in English and to me she’s not that great, but it’s passable and easy to understand most of the time. 

Tsuki’s 2nd single…(I’m not sure if it’s a new era, lack of “CORE” on “CHELSEA” stands out).  Ringo no Ki isn’t a bad single, but it might be a bit of a surprise seeing as both songs are ballads.  Not bad, but I really only see the title track as listenable while Finger is well….ehhhh.


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