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°C-ute – Momoiro Sparkling May 25, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Momoiro Sparkling
  3. Momoiro Sparkling (Instrumental)

1. Momoiro Sparkling

I know °C-ute has done tons of cute songs in the past, but in the direction they’ve been going for a while, it seemed they were going to a more mature side especially after “Kiss me Aishiteru”.  Momoiro Sparkling is pretty damn cute of a song and while it isn’t quite confortable to me…it’s not bad and since the normal singers are pushed forward again, it’s alright. 


B-sides have really never been that amazing for °C-ute and this doesn’t really make it any better one bit.  I kind of liked that the song has the light reggae groove going on, but the girls vocals to not work in this setting….especially Mai and Chisato’s vocals…they seem to weird for a song like this.  Is it a ballad or is it something else?? 

Starting their 7th era, Momoiro Sparkling is sadly quite disappointing after such good A-sides preceding this single.  There’s nothing wrong with cute A-sides, but I’m still trying to get used to the main song since it’s been a while since we’ve had something like this.  FARAWAY though is just terrible…I mean awkward and poor vocals mixed with an icky arrangement does not work…ehhhh they’ll get better!


One Response to “°C-ute – Momoiro Sparkling”

  1. Rockie Says:

    I love their new album and the c-ute girls rule!

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