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Marina Kawano – Morning Arch May 25, 2011

Filed under: Marina Kawano — solarblade @ 10:06 am

Track Listing

  1. Morning Arch
  2. I meet You◎
  4. Morning Arch (Instrumental)

1. Morning Arch

Pretty sweet that Marina’s first ever song is under a nice pop/rock kind of song.  It’s kind of a catchy song but it doesn’t have any real hooks to it and leaves the verses to be the most interesting thing since it’s pretty robotically sung….like herky jerky.  It’s a nice and light and does feel like a song that would work better heard in the morning. 

2. I meet You◎

The first B-side does excite me more because it’s a lot faster than the A-side and sounds more like a tune I’d hear as an opening to an anime.  It’s a lot more memorable and Marina gives a much better performance as well.  Oddly enough sometimes it could be a little sloppy, but it’s still a good enough track to get by. 


The other B-side is the more cutesy song of the three, but it’s not that bad because Marina’s vocals are in their normal state and the music doesn’t go overboard.  That being said, it’s a nice song and the use of brass worked for me as well giving it a light, yet fun feel to it.  I was expecting a little more from this track, but what we have is nice enough.

As Marina Kawano is the newest winner of the Animax Anison Grand Prix (previous winners include Shuhei Kita, HIMEKA, and Sayaka Sasaki), her debut single is nice and all, but nothing to really go crazy over.  I do think that her pop/rock sound does make her slightly stand out but she needs better songs to have her vocals come through.


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