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YUI – HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ June 1, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~
  2. YOU
  3. It’s My Life ~YUI Acoustic Version~
  4. HELLO ~Instrumental~

1. HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~

It seems that YUI has really lightened up after the serious factors of the last era.  HELLO isn’t as jaw-droppingly cute like her last A-side released, but it’s still an interesting song nonetheless.  It’s kind of simple of a song really, but the thing that kind of just made me slightly tilt my head was how off YUI’s vocals sounded here….like she was struggling with the song for some reason.  It’s alright, but something about this song sounds rather not pleasant.

2. YOU

As the single’s B-side, YOU is a nice switch from the happier and upbeat A-side to the more serious and forlorning song.  I find it so much better to hear YUI’s vocals here since they don’t sound like she’s in pain trying to sing here.  The fact that there’s strings, piano, and of course acoustic guitar is nice as well.  So much better than the A-side for sure.

3. It’s My Life ~YUI Acoustic Version~

So to keep the single afloat, It’s My Life of course gets the acoustic version and well it’s at least not as random as its original counterpart.  I love the lighter vibes in this version and YUI sounds quite good singing the song in a more comfortable atmosphere. 



YUI’s third single for the era was I guess alright, but slightly better than her last single at least.  HELLO was pretty bad on her vocals and it really showed quite a bit despite having a fun arrangement backing it up.  YOU was a lot better and goes back to the previous era with such serious stuff and the acoustic take on It’s My Life wasn’t bad really…ehhhhh im ok with the single I guess.


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