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Angela Aki – Hajimari no Ballad/I Have a Dream June 9, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Hajimari no Ballad
  2. I Have a Dream
  3. CREEP

1. Hajimari no Ballad

It’s no surprise that Angela went back to her piano roots after her last single, “Kagayaku Hito” was an acoustic guitar ballad.  Luckily, this song has a bit more color than her previous piano ballads and it’s not really that depressing to listen to.  It’s got that uplifting feel like “Tegami ~Haikei Juugo no Kimi e~” had but a little more slower.  Of course there’s not much else to really complain since Angela sounds radiant in this song and gives the extra push for the song.  Beautiful for the first half of the A-sides.

2. I Have a Dream

I was wondering why the shift from one A-side to two happened, but with I Have a Dream, it’s a bit more slower paced than “Hajimari no Ballad” and it actually has this kind of strange glow to it that I oddly enjoyed.  A few things were interesting like strings, and a backup voice as well…it was a little strange but she pulled it off.  Not as strong as the first A-side, but enough to be considered A-side material I guess.


Of course we can’t have an Angela Aki single without a cover song of some sort.  This time it’s an Angela-ized take on Radiohead’s biggest song, Creep.  Instead of the mysterious guitars and angst from the male perspective, we get a lighter piano-based version of the song.  I will be honest, this isn’t really that great of a cover despite Angela’s vocals are pretty epic to listen to and she pulled vocals so much stronger than Thom Yorke’s vocals.  Sadly, her emotions seems so artificial aganist Thom’s and it causes the song to be confusing and unfaithful to the original…just a weird cover….



Angela begins a new era off with an alright single…nothing jaw-dropping or special, but it’s kind of typical Angela.  I will say that Hajimari no Ballad is the best of the single and it reminded me alot of “Tegami” but not that much.  I Have a Dream is gonna take some time, but it’s not that bad either.  However, her Radiohead cover kind of slipped up because of the odd emotional rifts that Angela couldn’t really get into.  Ok start, but let’s see what she’ll do next.