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faylan – TOMOSHIBI June 10, 2011

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Track Listing

  2. Subarashii Sekai e
  3. TOMOSHIBI (off vocal)
  4. Subarashii Sekai e (off vocal)


I’m a tad disappointed with the era so far except a few A-sides.  Luckily she comes back with TOMOSHIBI which is quite good despite being another rock song from her.  Unlike previous A-sides like “Honnou no DOUBT” and “Shuumatsu no Fractale”, this one has a pretty good riff to it and there’s some hooks to go along with it to make it pretty memorable.  I also feel her vocals were better as well doing better than many of her past songs.  Pretty awesome of a song.

2. Subarashii Sekai e

I don’t think there was any B-side that has really disappointed me in the era to be honest.  Subarashii Sekai e is quite the opposite to “TOMOSHIBI” in the way it was presented.  Unlike the rockin’ arrangement, this one is a ballad that has a beautiful arrangement and faylan’s vocals stood out much stronger as well especially when the song grows more and more.  It isn’t as dramatic as “Senjou ni Saita Ichirin no Hana” but it’s pretty close.



As the era’s 5th (or 6th) single in the era, I’m starting to want an album from faylan because she has too many singles for one era.  Luckily TOMOSHIBI is one of the better singles of the era since both songs are pretty strong and surpass many of the era’s other songs.  I am a little worried that the album will have too many rock songs that kind of suck and have one or two good songs (especially if she’s adding B-sides to it).  Who knows at this point, maybe this single won’t be mentioned on the album *shrugs*


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