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Yui Sakakibara (PHANTASM) – Preghiera no Tsukiyo ni June 26, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Preghiera no Tsukiyo ni
  2. EUPHORIA ~Tsugunai no Requiem~
  3. Preghiera no Tsukiyo ni (off vocal)
  4. EUPHORIA ~Tsugunai no Requiem~ (off vocal)

1. Preghiera no Tsukiyo ni

What a creepy opening Preghiera no Tsukiyo ni has.  Even better is how awesome this song is for sure.  Very powerful, very loud, and in your face with the blast of electric guitars.  Of course once the verses come in everything gets quiet and Yui starts to sing.  Unlike the last few PHANTASM singles, this one is pretty dramatic and I really love how Yui is bringing such a nice vocal performance along…seriously…she needs to sing like this more often outside of PHANTASM singles.

2. EUPHORIA ~Tsugunai no Requiem~

Being 2 minutes longer than the A-side, EUPHORIA is more of the ballad on the single and the arrangement feels cold and lonesome which is a surprise for me since it’s just unusual.  Yui’s vocals are lighter but they are also at a higher pitch as well.  Luckily, this isn’t that bad because it’s not that shrilly.  It doesn’t feel like it goes anywhere in the song, but after a while it does get stronger when percussion enters near the end.  It’s alright, but I much prefer “Preghiera no Tsukiyo ni”.

Wow the 4th PHANTASM single released by Yui Sakakibara is actually quite strong and I’m kind of surprised that these singles have been consistent for the most part.  Preghiera no Tsukiyo ni might be the best of the four singles but that’s because it’s rockin and EUPHORIA was a nice ballad but might need a lil more direction.


One Response to “Yui Sakakibara (PHANTASM) – Preghiera no Tsukiyo ni”

  1. I actually like Euphoria ~Tsugunai no Reqiuem~ more than Preghiera no Tsukiyo; it’s a nice change from the other songs. Yui’s vocals in Euphoria are especially alluring, and it flows perfectly with the instruments. It starts out quietly and calmly, and by the second chorus, it starts getting more and more powerful and knocks it home in the last verse with bass, drums and everything, ending on a strong note. It’s become one of my favourite PHANTASM songs.

    While this single was certainly worth the waiting (and money) and fulfilled my expectations, it doesn’t top Unmei no Farfalla or Tokitsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku. Kick-ass singles, mayn. Lol.

    So, er, yeah a bit too long of a comment. I’m usually not that talkative or in this sense, writeative. I’m starting to ramble a bit too much…

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