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alan – Minna de ne ~PANDA with Candy BEAR’s~/”Ikiru” June 28, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Minna de ne ~PANDA with Candy BEAR’s~
  2. “Ikiru”
  3. Minna de ne ~PANDA with Candy BEAR’s~ (Instrumental)
  4. “Ikiru” (Instrumental)

1. Minna de ne ~PANDA with Candy BEAR’s~

With a title like that above, it really makes you wonder if alan was really trying to shock people with such an uber cute title.  I was happily surprised that Minna de ne isn’t sugary cute like the title would suggest and this is one of the more interesting songs she has to date.  You can hear the Chinese Elements like the flutes and alan’s unique vocal properties.  It does turn from a ballad into a light pop track which is also a plus.  And I swear, alan is sometimes trying to vocalize herself as an erhu and I was impressed that a few times I heard that fully!

2. “Ikiru”

As the secondary A-side, I was wondering what “Ikiru” would be like and it sounds like more of a ballad than “Minna de ne” did in the beginning.  I love alan’s vocals in the song and it gives off this fairytale-like atmosphere which is cute and pretty at the same time.  I do prefer the previous song, but this isn’t half bad either.



After alan’s first best-of album was released, I was wondering what direction she would take and it seems she’s going to continue the way she’s been since “Kaze ni Mukau Hana” in the way she’s doing songs with Chinese elements.  Minna de ne/”Ikiru” isn’t a bad single at all and if she keeps it up her next album will sound really good….I hope.


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