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KARA – GO GO Summer! June 29, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. GO GO Summer!
  2. Girls Be Ambitious!
  3. GO GO Summer! (Instrumental)
  4. Girls Be Ambitious! (Instrumental)
  5. TO ME (CD only first press bonus track)

1. GO GO Summer!

Bah, gotta love when K-pop groups can do summer songs in their style and GO GO Summer! is actually quite awesome.  At first I was thinking it was going to be like their last single, but once the beats and synths entered the fray, I was floored because it’s so catchy and has a lot of energy.  Might not have the memorable lines like previous songs like “Jumping”, but this is close for me.  I enjoyed it and a lot better than the last A-side.

2. Girls Be Ambitious!

I really don’t know what’s so big with this phrase since I’ve seen other artists use this as a title.  Anyways, the B-side of the single isn’t as electro like “GO GO Summer!” but it feels like more idol-like with the happier atmosphere.  I get that they are idols, but I don’t I like songs from them that are like the A-side rather than this one.  It isn’t bad persay, just kind of uncharacteristic of them.

3. TO ME

Kind of like their other singles where the CD only has an extra song, this time we get an actual new track from KARA with TO ME.  However after listening to this for a while, it turns out TO ME is a new Korean song from the group and that surprised me since I was thinking they wouldn’t do that.  I will say the song does have the K-pop flair that has made them pretty catchy so far and the beat is nice and heavy.  As short as it is…it’s a good song.




I’m happy that GO GO Summer! is all in all much better of a presentation than their last single, “Jet Coaster Love”, but not by much since the B-side was a little weird for me and the new Korean track was a strange but good surprise.  KARA and K-pop go hand in hand and they should keep that side of them going and not switch into J-pop mode with the arrangements.  However, it’s making them quite popular so it just me being lame or something XD


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