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Ayaka Hirahara – Ohisama ~ Taisetsu na Anata e June 30, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Ohisama ~ Taisetsu na Anata e
  2. Vocalise
  3. Ohisama ~ Taisetsu na Anata e (Vocal-less Track)

1. Ohisama ~ Taisetsu na Anata e

After the three melody cover eras, it’s nice to see that Ayaka is returning to original music and with Ohisama, she might not have struck gold, but it’s a great song after all this time.  I like the addition of the acoustic guitar though and it gives it a pretty touch with the piano, bass, and strings.  Might not be the best ballad she has but it’s still good.

2. Vocalise

The B-side Vocalise starts with Ayaka doing some ad-libbing with a harp acting as a back-up.  Then all of a sudden I instantly notice the melody of Ayaka’s ab-libs and it’s just her doing her thing to the melody of “Ohisama”.  I do think it’s pretty since it’s quieter and comes off as a lullaby to me, but c’mon really?  I would’ve liked a true B-side and not just Ayaka going ~whoooooo~ for 3 and a half minutes.



Ayaka’s first entry in a new era is an OK start but nothing to really get excited over.  Ohisama kind of reminds me of “Kodoku no Mukou” in that it’s one of the more quieter songs she released but in a way, this seems better.  I didn’t think Vocalise was much better since it was just ad-libbing the A-side when we had the instrumental to do that on….ehhhh next single plz.


One Response to “Ayaka Hirahara – Ohisama ~ Taisetsu na Anata e”

  1. Ultima Says:

    err, original? Ohisama theme is based off of Chopin’s Etude #3, Tristesse. 🙂
    Chopin ❤

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