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Juliet – Motokare June 30, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Motokare
  2. Love Game
  3. Motokare (Instrumental)

1. Motokare

Moving out of the season-titled singles, Motokare might be one of the few A-sides that grab my attention and this is an R&B styled song from the trio.  I must say that the members sound really pretty in this song and even when they’re doing solo lines, it’s pretty good.  I mean it’s nothing jaw-dropping, but I actually think this is one of the more better A-sides they’ve released since their debut.

2. Love Game

Seems a lot of people enjoy putting the words together here recently.  However, most of the ones with the similar titles didn’t sound like Juliet’s which is more upbeat and fitting for the season of beaches and happy-go-lucky fun.  I must say I leaned toward this a bit more since it’s not like previous efforts. 



Juliet’s 4th single in the era is luckily a step up after the last couple of singles and that’s because both tracks are simply catchy and vocally impressive songs.  While Motokare is kind of a bit more like previous songs, there’s just something about it that caught my attention.  I will say for summer songs so far this year, Love Game has impressed me the most.  There’s just something so lighthearted and feelgood about it that pulled me into it.  When’s the next album…seems like there’s a 5th single in the works.


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