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Satsuki – INNOCENT July 6, 2011

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Track Listing



It’s been a while but I feel like INNOCENT sounds a lot more mainstream sounding than his previous era but I don’t mind this because the song is actually quite good.  Satsuki’s vocals are a bit lighter, but they’re also a bit more refined so it made the song sound a bit stronger than past works.  It might not be all that and a bag of chips, but this is a good start.


I’m leaning more towards the B-side for sure because its inclusion of synths in the song is a nice change of style (even though Satsuki is no stranger to this).  Since this is a summer song, I did feel like he pulled it off better and it’s quite catchy too.  Definitely hope to see this on an album from him.



Satsuki returns for his sophomore era with INNOCENT and I must say, it’s not a bad single but does feel short (then again all of Satsuki’s singles have had 4 tracks).  I did like STRAWBERRY SUMMER a lot more than INNOCENT but it’s not to say it’s a single worth checking out if you’re a J-rock fan or a fan of RENTRER EN SOI.


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