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Not yet – Naminori Kakigoori July 8, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Naminori Kakigoori
  2. Vermeer no Tegami
  3. Hug Tomo
  4. Girisha no Kamotsusen
  5. Bokutachi no Offshore
  6. Naminori Kakigoori (off vocal ver.)
  7. Vermeer no Tegami (off vocal ver.)
  8. Hug Tomo (off vocal ver.)
  9. Girisha no Kamotsusen (off vocal ver.)
  10. Bokutachi no Offshore (off vocal ver.)

1. Naminori Kakigoori

I do enjoy my AKB sub-groups, but it seems like they don’t differentiate themselves enough to represent something different like other sub-units like Watarirouka Hashiritai 7.  Not yet’s Naminori Kakigoori is a good representation of that sentiment TBH.  It’s of course the group’s summer song and even though it does have only 4 members, it seriously reminds me of either “Ponytail to Chouchou” and “Chance no Junban” (the latter not even being summery).  Now I can’t tell who’s who in this group, but the vocals are alright for the most part, but I still can’t shake off the fact the mood and instrumentation is lacking majorly.  Sad that I consider “Shuumatsu Not yet” over this song.

2. Vermeer no Tegami

The thing I didn’t exactly enjoy about the group’s debut was the fact there were too many ballads on it.  To me it sounds pretty similar to “Girisha no Kamotsuren” for some off reason but whatever.  I did find this song a little bit memorable despite that it sounds like some of the slower stuff from AKB’s album.

3. Hug Tomo

I’m kind of happy the single doesn’t suffer from boring stuff since Hug Tomo does a little better of a job having a place here.  As another upbeat but slightly cuter song from the quartet, Hug Tomo kind of gives off this Country-Western vibe and I actually thought it worked for them…then again solos FTW.  I think it’s their best song from this single for sure!

4. Girisha no Kamotsuren

As the single’s other ballad, Girisha no Kamotsuren is a little more better of a ballad than “Vermeer no Tegami”.  I think it’s because the gals in their solos sounded more emotional than the lack of it in previous song.  However, it also showed that when they’re together they lack a certain spark and the melodies of the vocals are slightly unhinged.  Still, it didn’t bore me and like I said, the solos were so much better than the group singing.

5. Bokutachi no Offshore

Rounding out the single, is another summer song with Bokutachi no Offshore.  At least this one doesn’t seem to replicate anything out of the AKB library.  I enjoyed the inclusion of synths here, but it isn’t as epic as “Warau ga Ii” since….well nothing has topped that as of yet.  It’s alright, but nothing overly exciting.

I’m still on the fence if I really think Naminori Kakigoori surpasses “Shuumatsu Not yet”.  I mean the A-side is a lot more exciting and upbeat, but it sounds like any other AKB-related summer song so it didn’t impress me.  Neither did Vermeer no Tegami…kind of vocally suckish for a song.  The single edition-only songs were the better songs since they didn’t really sound like anything familiar and for the most part vocals were pretty good (with the exception of Girisha no Kamotsusen).  Not sure what’ll come next, but I seriously hope it surpasses these two singles they’ve released so far.


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