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Haruka Tomatsu – Oh My God♥ July 12, 2011

Filed under: Haruka Tomatsu — solarblade @ 7:53 am

Track Listing

  1. Oh My God♥
  2. Orange☆Smoothie
  3. Oh My God♥ (Instrumental)

1. Oh My God♥

It’s no surprise that Haruka does cute songs since it’s her job is to be cute XD.  Oh My God though does switch things up for her since instead of the cutesy pop style I’m used to her, this track is more along the lines of a pop/rock song and it’s a good shock to me.  Haruka might be tapping into her genki seiyuu style but it’s not headache inducing like when others try it.  It’s not a bad song, but it doesn’t fully stand out like previous A-sides from her.

2. Orange☆Smoothie

The B-side feels like it fits here simply because it’s summer time and all that.  It does continue to have a pop/rock kind of feel but the guitars have better riffs in the song.  I won’t stress to admit that Haruka is acting oddly cuter in this tune than in the A-side.  Ehhhh, it’s alright, but it’s definitely B-side material from her.



I don’t think Oh My God♥ surpasses “Baby Baby Love” in the least but I like that Haruka tried for more guitars in this release.  Sadly I felt both songs came up too short and didn’t really show off Haruka really well in the vocal department.  What happened to the good vocals from her last single?


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