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BREAKERZ – LAST†PRAY/Zettai! I LOVE YOU July 14, 2011

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Track Listing

  2. Zettai! I LOVE YOU
  3. Sore wa Yasashii Kimochi


Hmmm, BREAKERZ and gothic rock?!?  I’m very surprised that the trio went in this direction for LAST†PRAY but I enjoyed this song a lot since it was totally different from other A-sides and DAIGO sounded perfect in this style since he sounds like either someone from LM.C or SuG.  I must say that this song is my favorite A-side of the entire era!

2. Zettai! I LOVE YOU

At least things get lighter with the other A-side from this single.  When I first started the song, I felt that the strings felt like it was making the song an upbeat to opposite “LAST†PRAY”.  I like the move either way, but that chorus is just super messy and kind of feels pretty bad to listen to for some reason.  I don’t know, the rock arrangement and DAIGO just didn’t add up for me and might be my least favorite A-side of the era.

3. Sore wa Yasashii Kimochi

Closing the single out is the lone B-side.  Sore wa Yasashii Kimochi like the last single is a ballad from the band and while I prefer “Arigatou ~Beautiful day~”, this isn’t a bad song either since it’s acoustic guitar, piano, and strings with DAIGO fronting.  I guess it’s alright, but like I said last single’s ballad stood out more.



I think the group is pretty much nearing their album, and LAST†PRAY/Zettai! I LOVE YOU wasn’t as great as some of the other singles released but I solely blame that on the second A-side being really messy and not together.  Sore wa Yasashii Kimochi was alright, but nothing we hadn’t heard on the last single so it’s a little disappointing.  LAST†PRAY though was amazing and showed experimentation through the trio by releasing something that’s goth-like ^_^….hope an album is next LOL


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