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ikimono-gakari – Warattetainda/NEW WORLD MUSIC July 19, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Warattetainda
  3. Warattetainda -instrumental-
  4. NEW WORLD MUSIC -instrumental-

1. Warattetainda

While it hasn’t been that long since we’ve had an upbeat song ikimono-gakari, Warattetainda sounds so refreshing for some reason even though “Kimi ga Iru” was nearly the same way.  Kiyoe sounds like her normal self and doesn’t really go and stress her vocals which is a plus.  I do wish there was something a bit louder about the track, but this isn’t bad at all and is a great song for ikimono to return to.


Two upbeat songs?!?  This is something foreign for the trio!  NEW WORLD MUSIC did a much better job at catching my attention, especially with the whole latin vibe I get from it (partially because of the brass that’s included).  Kiyoe also sounds great and more lively as well.  Definitley the preferred song off this single!



After ikimono-gakari took a rather short hiatus after the release of the best-of, they return to the music scene with a great single in Warattetainda/NEW WORLD MUSIC.  It beats the past two singles simply by actually having more than one song and BOTH tracks are upbeat tunes in which the trio excels a lot in.  Great single and a good beginning of an era.


D – Snow White

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Track Listing

  1. Snow White
  2. Snow White ~Another gift~
  3. what is Going On with The Human (Regular Edition only)
  4. Night-ship “D” (Live) (Limited Edition A only)
  5. Yami Yori Kurai Doukoku no A Cappella to Bara Yori Akai Jounetsu no Aria (Live) (Limited Edition B only)
  6. SIGNAL (Live) (Limited Edition B only)
  7. Snow White (Voiceless)

1. Snow White

Unlike the previous two singles released in the era, Snow White is a drastic change from the band’s hard rock start by going into ballad mode.  Piano and strings make this quite a moving piece and ASAGI seriously sounds powerful and just strong to listen to.  I was wondering where the rest of the band was throughout the track, but they come in around the halfway point.  A very beautiful ballad and it saddens me the band hasn’t done one since (well for an A-side).

2. Snow White ~Another gift~

On all editions, Snow White gets a facelift and turns into an upbeat song.  Using the same lyrics but in different directions make sense because I couldn’t imagine using the beginning of the original in this way.  I love that the band took the song into a more brighter state and it does remind me of “Day by Day” in how upbeat it is.  Of course ASAGI sounds great and kicked the song up a notch, but I still prefer the original!

3. what is Going On with The Human

Of course I’ve already reviewed the B-sides before on their most recent album, “VAMPIRE SAGA” so it’s not surprising I’d end up listening to them once again.  I am a little surprised by the fact that after a ballad and a bright and lively edit we get something hard and dark from the band.  Then again, it isn’t D without one song being heavy right?  ASAGI goes back into his deep tones and gives this edgy song some creepy ass vibes but I like it.  Even better is when the chorus lightens up as well as ASAGI. 

4. Night-ship “D” (Live)

The next three songs are live versions of songs they did in their indies days so I haven’t heard the original takes.  D live is pretty awesome because they keep such a hard edge and with Night-ship “D”, it’s pretty damn impressive and ASAGI does an amazing job singing live too.  I also love Ruiza as well since he’s pretty awesome with his guitar-work.  AWESOME SONG!

5. Yami Yori Kurai Doukoku no A Cappella to Bara Yori Akai Jounetsu no Aria (Live)

Hearing ASAGI announce the song’s title in such a speed is WOW.  Anyways, this I know a little about since this is their 3rd A-side released as a band.  It shows that the band was trying to be hard and pounding with this song, but at the same time I feel kind of annoyed in the first verse since it was messy and not together.  Then again ASAGI yells here too…kind of annoying really. 

6. SIGNAL (Live)

At least D lightens up with the third and final live track on the single.  SIGNAL is something I dig since it’s progressive and the upbeat and bright side returns and they just sound great as a unit.  Even other members get to sing too and I was happy that it wasn’t just grunts and stuff.  Great song as well!



Closing the “Genetic World” era, Snow White was a definite surprise from the band who was still shifting into a major label.  For the band to release a ballad as their third single is ballsy but pretty awesome at the same time since I really liked the song.  The other version of the song was pretty good and took the song to a different side for them.  what is Going On with The Human is typical D of course but pretty good and 2 of the 3 lives were pretty strong as well.  Jam-packed single, but good for the most part.