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Sayuri Sugawara – Forever… July 20, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Forever…
  2. Kaze
  3. Fly
  4. tears
  5. My Sweet Home
  6. Futari no Kage
  7. Thinking Of You (CD only bonus track)
  8. “Suki” to Iu Kotoba -Album Version 2011- (CD only bonus track)

1. Forever…

Ahhh, Sayuri starts the mini-album off with something that would be expected from her with a mid-tempo R&B tune with Forever….I do kind of like it but it’s really for the fact that the chorus has punch to it by adding electric guitars and louder percussion and the whole ~never ever~ thing that’s going on.  It’s a sweet song and I must say it’s a good start so far.

2. Kaze

Things take a small turn going into Kaze which moves away from Sayuri’s original style to a more pop/rock style which I don’t mind at all since her vocals are light and very sweet to listen to.  It might be a slow track and moves at the same pace, but I really like the depressing vibes and Sayuri was singing quite nicely.

3. Fly

I never thought she’d pull it off, but our next song can be described as an electro-rock track.  I’m actually seriously enjoying this song not because of my uber enjoyment of the genre, but this song is quite good and Sayuri sounds great in the song (though I do think the filters are meh) but this song is probably one of the best tracks off the mini-album.

4. tears

After such an exciting song, I was surprised that Sayuri would take it light again, but tears is a good song as well.  It doesn’t sound like your typical R&B track since there’s so many things that sound really good together in the arrangement and the chorus and the parts without Sayuri singing makes it sound like an older Hitomi Shimatani song.  Good song!

5. My Sweet Home

Can’t believe our next song really makes me think of ayaka for some reason.  My Sweet Home also does sound like another “Kaze” but more of a ballad than said song.  I like the acoustic and electric guitars together and it makes the song a bit more emotional.  Sadly, otherwise I don’t remember this song and it fits more with the last few singles she’s done.

6. Futari no Kage

Closing the CD+DVD out, Futari no Kage is another ballad track from Sayuri but it’s pretty to listen to.  Sayuri sounds very pretty in the song and while things are more of a slow burner-kind of style, but it does sound good after more instruments enter the song.  It’s nice and it make a nice closing to one of the versions of the mini XD

7. Thinking Of You

Oddly enough the CD only version includes two more tracks.  Thinking Of You does surprise me quite a bit since the song is upbeat and has a dance beat going on which is a nice move.  It doesn’t have an edge like “Fly” does, but it’s steady, light, and full of life so I must say it was a great song and wonder why it was only on one version of this release.

8. “Suki” to Iu Kotoba -Album Version 2011-

It seriously hasn’t been a year and we’re already getting a new version of Sayuri’s last A-side.  The changes that were made for the song are pretty noticeable when the tune has more of an acoustic feel to it and it’s softer than the original as well.  It also took out the R&B style as well and replaced those with piano and strings.  It’s a nice take, but I still much prefer the original oddly enough.



Third mini-album…really?  I must say that I liked Forever… a whole lot more than her last one, “Close To You”.  I do think the mini was split between, ballads, R&B, dance tracks, and pop/rock tracks so it was a good even distribution of areas to Sayuri’s style.  Strong and definitely more memorable…good good release!


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