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MAA – OKay July 21, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. OKay
  2. F.B
  3. Tomorrow @ Your Kingdom -THE LOWBROWS Remix-

1. OKay

Ahhhh, so I guess it seems MAA decided to take things to a different route with OKay which feels like a mix of her last album and a new direction since the track is lighter than her two previous singles.  It’s nice that it’s different from them but at the same time I feel slightly uninterested in the song for some reason.  It might be from the slower tempo or from expecting that she’d be epic.  I must say I could see immi singing this instead but this is alright.

2. F.B

F.B falls into the same category as “OKay” since it’s also pretty light compared to some of the stuff she released on “Monkey Kingdom” but I actually fell for this one.  I’m liking MAA and the amount of vocal layering that helps her out and the arrangement is a bit more synthetic and stuffs.  Not much else to say, but this was great.

3. Tomorrow @ Your Kingdom -THE LOWBROWS Remix-

Closing the single out is a remix of one of MAA’s B-side from her debut single, “Ghost Enemy”.  THE LOWBROWS isn’t a new name for me seeing as I reviewed some of the other remixes they did for various artists.  I also will say that they don’t really stand out for me and most of their remixes ruin the song for me.  Sadly, I stand by that rule since this felt awkward and unusually slow and the synths just were messy…I’m sorry but the original or GTFO!



I’m not surprised that MAA starts off an era with a slightly weak release but that’s alright since I didn’t think “Ghost Enemy” was all that great either.  Also, it is her first physical single so it kind of surprises me a little bit that only F.B left an impression.  OKay sounds way like an immi-kind of song while the remix for Tomorrow @ Your Kingdom just sucked…hope she can slide back on her next single.


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