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Dream5 – Like & Peace! July 23, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Like & Peace!
  2. Koi no Daiyogen
  3. Open Sesame
  4. Like & Peace! Anime Ver.
  5. Like & Peace! (Instrumental)
  6. Koi no Daiyogen (Instrumental)
  7. Open Sesame (Instrumental)

1. Like & Peace!

I like the fact that Dream5 knows how to be genki and turn a song’s instrumental into their own.  Like & Peace! has a pretty groovy and funky arrangement and since it feature mostly the girls (of course) it’s not very band and find it kind of fun and actually good from an avex idol group eh?

2. Koi no Daiyogen

Jeeze, is the group trying to follow misono’s covering?  I mean their last single was a cover of “Koi no Dial 6700” from Finger 5 and now their covering the same band but a different song with Koi no Daiyogen.  Of course this is the shortest tune off the single, not even making three minutes in length.  Dream5’s cover does keep the genki sound going, but I’m hearing more than the two main singers actually have parts and I like the vibe of this cover.  I still prefer their last cover though sadly.

3. Open Sesame

As the other new track on the single, Open Sesame does change the arrangement around slightly by making it include sitar (is that what it is?) and I hear a lot more synths being used which makes this a bit more danceable.  It’s a bit more stable as a single since it doesn’t have a whole lot of random sounds going so I’d say this is pretty good.



After their mini-album, Dream5 begins a new era with quite a nice and fun tune with Like & Peace!.  The main track is like I said energetic and full of life and they brought life into the song.  Open Sesame was pretty good as well, taking it a bit more in stride than in the A-side, but still pretty good.  Their Finger 5 cover was alright, but like I said….doesn’t beat “Koi no Dial 6700”.


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