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Tohoshinki – Superstar July 23, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Superstar
  2. I Don’t Know
  3. Superstar -Summer Heat Remix- (CD only)
  4. Superstar -Less Vocal-
  5. I Don’t Know -Less Vocal-

1. Superstar

I don’t think it makes a lot of sense to make Superstar feel like a “BREAK OUT!” copycat to be honest.  I mean it’s three less members but it doesn’t mean that I get the same feelings.  YUNHO and CHANGMIN sounds pretty good in the song, but I don’t understand the need for auto-tune for CHANGMIN really since he’s a good enough singer.  It’s alright but it doesn’t surpass “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)”.

2. I Don’t Know

I’m starting to find myself not interested in the duo THSK because so far in their Japanese discography, there hasn’t been a slow song and I Don’t Know feels kind of lifeless for some reason.  I mean I do get a mysterious vibe from the song, but I find myself not remembering any of the song except YUNHO’s rapping.  I’m just feeling at this point that there’s no need to continue.

3. Superstar -Summer Heat Remix-

Like many of their singles, we get a remix on one of the editions and this one for Superstar is kind of weak here.  I do like that the remix is a little more louder than the original, but the song still kind of feels unimpressive and it’s shorter than the original too…odd. 



Tohoshinki’s second single as a duo really failed to leave a mark on me unlike how “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)” did.  I don’t know why but releasing another single with two dance tracks (though not Korean originals) was a poor plan…maybe a ballad perhaps?  The remix by the way, isn’t too different from the original but ehh…Then again I’ve heard these two aren’t exactly ballad-strong vocals…who knows but I’m not liking this single at all.


One Response to “Tohoshinki – Superstar”

  1. y. Says:

    Their Korean ballads, especially their latest, Before U Go, are really good. Wished there was a Japanese remake for that song instead.

    Japanese management usually feed TVXQ fans with really bad B-sides. As much as I am their fan, I’ve stopped purchasing their Japanese releases.

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