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JASMINE – ONLY YOU August 1, 2011

Filed under: JASMINE — solarblade @ 11:31 am

Track Listing

  2. Addiction
  3. ONLY YOU (Instrumental)
  4. Addiction (Instrumental)


I like that piano that opens up ONLY YOU for sure, but what it leads into is definitely a rush to the past because it reminds me of another “sad to say” or “No More”.  However, the beats don’t really cover up a whole lot and the piano continues to be the focal point of the song with strings acting as backup.  It’s not a bad song at all, but after “ONE”, it kind of comes as a slight downgrade.  Still wonderful song with great vocals from JASMINE.

2. Addiction

~Addiction! Wait a minute!~.  I swear for a minute, I thought I was listening to something from Namie because the flow and beat just kind of had this flow to it.  I must say that I love the whole marching band vibe I get from the song since it’s catchy and has a good flow of energy.  JASMINE doesn’t showcase her vocals as strongly as before but that’s alright.  It does remind me of “L.I.P.S.” and the cussing is back in form too.  Fun song!



Not gonna lie but I think for the second time first being “Koi” off of “sad to say”, but I actually preferred the B-side over the A-side.  I don’t know why but the atmosphere of Addiction caught my attention immediately and got me to focus on the stuff going on and the things JASMINE was throwing out there hahaha.  ONLY YOU was alright, but it definitely doesn’t beat “ONE” nor many of her last A-sides to be honest.  I’d say as together, the single is slightly under the last one but not much.


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