Kurayami Monogatari

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Track Listing

  2. Kimi ni Shittochuu
  3. Hikare
  4. LOVE SURVIVE (Instrumental)


I’m surprised that LOVE SURVIVE is one of the groups more energetic and speedy tracks in their collection and the fact that it combines synths and their rock style was an epic way to deal with things.  Even though HARUNA and TOMOMI are leading the track they both pull the song off quite well even though there’s times that TOMOMI sounds pitchy and kind of like a sore thumb, but it’s still a great track from them for sure, even the hardcore interlude before the final chorus was unexpected but cool!

2. Kimi ni Shittochuu

This is kind of the norm for SCANDAL to release or what I was expecting the A-side to come off as.  I will say that there’s more gals singing here, but I think it’s just MAMI included with the other two mains.  I mean it’s catchy in the long run and has fun clapping parts and TOMOMI sounds better here than in “LOVE SURVIVE” so that should say something.  I like the the later half of the song where there’s a guitar solo and more catchy stuff goin on.

3. Hikare

The second B-side of the single Hikare, is probably the most toned-down song of the single and unfortunately it’s led by TOMOMI.  There’s just times where I just want to shut her off since her voice isn’t totally suited to the rock style and yet she sounds great when she sings with others and HARUNA does come in after a while.  It’s alright, but I can barely remember the song after a while.



SCANDAL’s 4th and final single of the “BABY ACTION” era, LOVE SURVIVE is actually mostly a fun single from the band.  I was surprised at the overall feel of the main track since it was fast and synthy so it was pretty much unexpected.  Kimi ni Shittochuu sounds more like typical SCANDAL-fare but that’s alright since it was handled quite nicely, but Hikare was kind of meh and just kind of poor.  Either way, it’s nice that the era is ending since the singles have been all been strong in their own ways!


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