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DIR EN GREY – LOTUS August 3, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. LOTUS
  3. Reiketsu Nariseba (Live take at SHINKIBA STUDIO COAST on July 20, 2010)


After the slightly disappointing “Hageshisa to…”, I was wanting something that’d pull me back into the group and it seems LOTUS did that job quite nicely. I’m even more surprised that between the three singles that were released in this era, this is their most straightforward song for Kyo because he doesn’t do any of his wild vocal flips he usually does and actually SINGS the entire track.  I must say that right there made me happy and immediately call it the best A-side of the era.  It’s a great J-rock ballad and it’s so good and together lol.


Another song being covered from “VULGAR”?!?  With a title like that, I was curious what the new OBSCURE was going to be like.  At first it was foreboding and weird for sure but then it speeds up into something that reminds me of “DIFFERENT SENSE” almost, but it’s kind of more creepy and mysterious of a song.  I kind of like it as well since it’s just a rather strong DIRU song, though I have to say once again Kyo singing is amazin.

3. Reikatsu Nariseba (Live take at SHINKIBA STUDIO COAST on July 20, 2010)

Closing the single out is a live version of Reikatsu Nariseba (which is originally a song off their last album “UROBOROS”).  Since I’m not as deep of a fan of their music, I was curious to what they sounded like on their last album and with Reikatsu Nariseba, it’s very energetic and full of life with the band being powerful and Kyo doing his own thing which consists of the screeching and growling.  Though I will say when it cools its jets down for the slower part, I loved it to death!  Ok, for a live version, this is pretty awesome!




Hands down, LOTUS is the best single DIR EN GREY released in the era.  I was surprised Kyo actually sung the song entirely and not show off his vocals abilities as much.  Luckily that’s why we had OBSCURE and the live version of Reikatsu Nariseba to cover those and even then both were pretty damn good too.  I can only wonder what the album will sound like altogether since only the A-sides made the cut because clearly all of the B-sides released in the era were live versions and new takes on older songs.


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