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Zwei – Kaze no Senritsu August 3, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Kaze no Senritsu
  2. Sora no Shizuku
  3. Kaze no Senritsu (off Vocal)
  4. Sora no Shizuku (off Vocal)

1. Kaze no Senritsu

I have to admit, Zwei is slowly returning some epic stuff and they did well with Kaze no Senritsu.  Since Megu has a much more prominent presence than she did in “Koyubi no Paradox”, it’s a great sign since it also energized Ayumu’s performance in the song.  It’s a good mix of their signature rock sound mixed with their label’s anime feel.  I loved this mix and it’s one of my newer favorites from the duo and that’s a good sign!

2. Sora no Shizuku

So as for the B-side of the single, Sora no Shizuku is a bit more darker, but it’s also a bit more stronger in the rockin’ side of things since it comes off as a powerful track with powerful chords from the guitars and pounding bass from Megu.  I would say this was pretty unexpected from them seeing as they’re on 5bp. but this is a good song and makes them an even bigger force with their genre.



I was so disappointed with their last single “Koyubi no Paradox” that I was almost wanting to not listen to them anymore, but Kaze no Senritsu has saved their asses really well.  Both songs are just amazing songs from the duo and brought back that missing spark they once had before their label switching started.  Great single and makes me put faith back in them again *RECOMMENDED*


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