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ARTERY VEIN – Confutatis no Inori August 22, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Confutatis no Inori
  2. Splendid flowers
  3. Confutatis no Inori (off vocal)
  4. Splendid flowers (off vocal)

1. Confutatis no Inori

Creepy beginning for a debut with the duo.  Somehow, the dark arrangement and the two ladies sound relatively good together.  I’m not sure why but the song sounds like an actual GOOD Asriel song with much better vocals which is a surprise since I didn’t expect 5pb. Records to start up a duo in goth pop.  I really enjoyed this A-side…great debut song.

2. Splendid flowers

The B-side sadly isn’t up to par with its A-side and it sounds really basic and very bland even for 5pb. to throw something like this together is not a good sign.  It’s not as dark as “Confutatis no Inori” nor the vocals were as together as well.  It just seems very plain and vanilla of a song and I know they can do SOOOOO much better.



I kind of felt that ARTERY VEIN’s debut single was pretty much good and bad.  The A-side shows a lot of hope for these two and with such a sinister and dark vibe from the song one can hope the other singles will sound similar.  However, Splendid flowers was bad and plain and just didn’t interest me in any way possible.  Here’s hoping “Last Judgement” fares better!


One Response to “ARTERY VEIN – Confutatis no Inori”

  1. Kendall Geter Says:

    I always look for the pv to Confutatis but get mad i can never find it i only find 30 second clips and it sucks ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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