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Akiko Shikata – Utsusemi August 25, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Utsusemi
  3. Utsusemi (off vocal)
  4. LOST CHILDREN (off vocal)

1. Utsusemi

I don’t think there has been any Akiko song that has disappointed me yet (then again she’s more like a more experimental KOKIA).  Utsusemi starts off with a chorus of her vocals and it sounds amazing and it’s lead into this mix of dance, anison, a maybe a smidge of folk tossed in for the lulz.  It’s pretty interesting to listen to and Akiko in her high vocals and low vocals are just mesmerizing.  Pretty song and probably her best A-side since going major.


I do remember that some of Akiko’s B-sides have been the stranger songs on the singles and LOST CHILDREN actually is too weird, but it’s a lot more expressive and flowing than “Utsusemi”.  The beginning was loud and fast-paced with an almost dance feel but slows down to more of a mid-tempo track and then returns back.  It’s does this quite a bit so the moving is more interesting here as well.  However, I found the vocals from the A-side was a lot stronger.  Prettty good B-side though I will say.



Does “Byakumu no Mayu” count as a single?  Whatever, Utsusemi is a pretty strong single like the other singles that she’s released so far in the era.  I have to say the leading teack was the stronger song with a good flow and excellent vocals.  LOST CHILDREN was pretty good as well but a little under Utsusemi…I’m totally getting excited whenever she releases her first album on a major label ^_^


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