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Sowelu – Let me… August 29, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. I want U to… feat. WISE Produced by ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo)
  2. Let ME Lead U
  3. WOMAN
  4. One more kiss (for MEN edition only)
  5. Diamond (for WOMEN edition only)
  6. Endless Summer
  7. Kimi no Nai Sekai

1. I want U to… feat. WISE Produced by ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo)

Starting the mini-album with the first of two promotional songs is the lone collaboration tune.  Now, Sowelu isn’t a stranger to Taku’s arrangements since he produced “MATERIAL WORLD” which is literally her last single released.  Though I have to admit that Taku shouldn’t really try to do dubstep since it feels weird but yet I still found myself liking the song.  WISE does a good job adding a bit more spice to song and just makes the tune that more enjoyable.  It might come off as messy to some people or others will just love it…it depends.

2. Let ME Lead U

I’m gonna be frank about it and say I love this song ten times more than the opening track just because it’s dance done well (and that’s a surprise coming from Sowelu).  It’s sexy, groovy and mysterious and it just oozes this new side of Sowelu perfectly IMO.  The chorus is also pretty damn catchy to listen to and especially the second half of it where she’s just like ~i…want you…now!~  Yeah, I love this song and she gets censored OH MY! hehehe!


After two synth-bombers it’s comes to a sudden halt when WOMAN starts up.  It’s pretty basic of a song with not a lot going on in the arrangement cept finger snapping, acoustic guitar, and some light percussion.  For something so simple it kind of fits Sowelu nicely as it’s not abrasive nor out of character even though I question why it had to be after “Let ME Lead U”….

4a. One more kiss

So the mini album comes in two versions of course and each of them have a different fourth track.  The for MEN version comes with One more kiss which would be a nice nostalgic run for the fans of her days on SONY since it’s R&B and all the bells and whistles that come with it.  I mean it’s really alright, but nothing stands for me in this track (maybe the verses) but that’s about it for me. 

4b. Diamond

Strange that the WOMEN’s only comes with another dance track.  I must say that it is a pretty consistent beat to it that works for me and Sowelu sounds quite nice.  Though it’s weird that she hits high notes in the chorus but I can’t blame it since it didn’t detract me from the tune.  It doesn’t have the punch that the promotional songs had, but it’s pretty good as un upbeat tune.

5. Endless Summer

She seems to be hitting different styles and moods on this mini because while Endless Summer would have fit better have “Let ME Lead U” since it has synths and such it does pick up after the two slower songs.  It’s a really nice summery song and Sowelu sounds breezy to sing along.  I can find myself enjoying this a lot!

6. Kimi no Nai Sekai

Closing the mini is Kimi no Nai Sekai which is another ballad but has a little more emotional value than “WOMAN” but the latter does have the better lyrics I think.  The strings and kind of uber light R&B feel to it fits and I don’t think I’ve heard Sowelu pull off a better ballad since she has really nice vocals in this song.  Did very well for itself I must say.




I couldn’t get myself back into “Love & I. ~Ren’ai Henriki” because it was plainly a boring album with just a couple of hitters and that was her first album under rhythm zone.  Luckily her first mini-album Let me… was such a strong release at least in my eyes that this is what she should’ve done and not a collaboration album XD.  Half the mini was upbeat dance tunes while the other was a more refined, calm side.  Yeah, this was pretty damn good even with the naughty cover art (the women’s one is so lulzy with turkey!).


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