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ARTERY VEIN – Pandora no Yoru August 31, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Pandora no Yoru
  2. Tada Hitotsu no Monogatari
  3. Pandora no Yoru (off vocal)
  4. Tada Hitotsu no Monogatari (off vocal)

1. Pandora no Yoru

It’s funny that when I listen to Pandora no Yoru I hear a more orchestral feel but under that feels like “Confutatis no Inori” for some reason.  Then again the better news for me was the fact that Eri and Asami sing a lot stronger and with more confidence in this song.  I love the anison feel of the song.  It’s not really dark but it works for the duo.

2. Tada Hitotsu no Monogatari

It’s nice to run into the B-side here since it’s a ballad and all of that.  Even though one of them does act as the more important member (Asami maybe?).  For me, it’s not a bad track which is good, but it doesn’t leave much of an impression besides that this duo thing is a little lobsided in the track.



ARTERY VEIN’s 3rd single does top their debut at least (still have to get through “Last Judgement” before I can say if this is or not better than their 2nd.  I liked Pandora no Yoru since it’s lighter and the vocals are way better here.  Tada Hitotsu no Monogotari was alright for a ballad but I couldn’t remember much out of it.  Let’s see if their next release will surprise me.