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SID – Itsuka September 26, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Itsuka
  2. Akikaze
  3. NO LDK (Live from “dead stock” TOUR 2011″)

1. Itsuka

Whoa there Mao, let’s not overdo that opening eh?  Itsuka to me comes off as a regular rock track from SID and as much as that sounds bad…it kind of isn’t considering their last few singles lol.  It’s a bit tame and toned down when compared to their last single “Ranbu no Melody” but this has a nice feel to it though.  Mao does a good job of singing the tune and the added strings was a nice touch as well.  Though yeah, after their last A-side…I was kind of expecting something different, but this was nice.

2. Akikaze

I love SID’s B-sides so much more than their lead in songs (which makes me hope for a B-side collection in the future).  Akikaze might not be as oddball as some of their previous B-sides, but it’s different enough from “Itsuka” to make an impression on me.  I mean it’s brighter and there’s some good light guitar notes in the song that gives it this playful nature.  The guitar solo was a bit random, but for a song meaning autumn breeze, this is really nice.

3. NO LDK (Live from “dead stock TOUR 2011”)

Rounding out the single is a live version of the first track off their last album, “dead stock”.  I remember having mixed feelings about the song, but the fact that the dance beats are not as prevalent here is nice and the band takes over the song much more.  I think they do great when they pull live versions of songs and they pulled off NO LDK quite good.



SID begins a new era with an alright single with Itsuka.  After all the awesomeness in the “dead stock” era, it’s really weird that Itsuka kind of pulls them down to a normal level.  I still think the B-side, Akikaze was the best off the single…but I think that’s been the norm with SID.


4 Responses to “SID – Itsuka”

  1. CJay Says:

    Yeah I have never seen another band that has the amount of good B-sides as SID does. I love how experimental they are and how they usually compliment the single well. Danro and Sugu Soba De were particularly good in my opinion.

    • solarblade Says:

      I hope they do something like “Danro” again…friggin awesome tune lol

      • RukixMao Says:

        Akikaze was actually awesome. At first listen, I thought itsuka was better BUT after listening to it the 2nd and 3rd time…its just perfect. I didn’t like danro but some of their b side tracks are good like cut.

  2. Megan Says:

    I liked Akikaze a lot more than Itsuka too. I was pretty disappointed with Itsuka.

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